The Perfect Vacation Spot according to your Enneagram

Hey now! Hey now! This is what dreams are made of! Not unlike Lizzie McGuire, we are sending you off on vacation! But instead of Rome, you’re heading to your own personal perfect vacation spot based off of your Enneagram type! So start browsing flights because we have some traveling to do!

Type One – Arizona, USA

perfect vacation spot

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Okay, Type Ones, put down whatever else you’re doing and zone in on us here. We know you are the queens of multitasking, so you need a vacation to accomplish much more than just relaxing. That’s why we are sending you off to Arizona, on a wellness retreat to be specific! You need your vacation to recharge, fulfill and give you something to take home with you. So grab your yoga mat, get a headstart on your cucumber water consumption and get ready for the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical rejuvenation you want out of your vacay! If you’d like a recommendation on which of Arizona’s many wellness destinations to retreat to, might we suggest this dreamy spa nestled in the Redrocks.

Type Two – Cabo

Perfect Vacation Spot

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This is a sign, Type Twos, that you need a break for yourself! You’re always worrying over everyone around you, but now it’s time for some self-care! That’s why an all-inclusive resort in Cabo is calling your name! You can take time to lounge by the pool or ocean with an umbrella drink in tow or go grab some bites (yes, we’re talking tacos) without even leaving the resort. Everything is taken care of for you, twos, and you need that! If you do come to need anything, just call up the concierge and get back to your TL(S)C!

Type Three – Lake Como, Italy

Perfect Vacation Spot

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We know that our Threes are here for the best of the best, and we are here to deliver that! So (read this in this voice of Chris Harrison) pack your bags, ladies, you’re headed to… Italy! But you aren’t headed just anywhere in Italy, you’re headed to the oh-so-fabulous Lake Como! Frequented by celebrities (which, let’s be honest, you already are, Three) it is just the level of glamour that suits you! And even better than a good photo opp, there is so much to do in Italy. You can sightsee, wine taste, take a pasta-making class or even take a day trip! And who will plan all of this? You will! It’s like all the three love languages coming together!

Type Four – Iceland

Perfect vacation spo

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Well, of course, we have to take our Individualist Type Fours off the beaten path! You’re an expressive and artistic bunch, so you need a place that can inspire you. So getting lost in nature to reflect is the perfect space for you. This brings Iceland into the mix. While there are certainly plenty of hot spots for tourists, there are so many places off the beaten path. From waterfalls to relics, there are so many places to get lost and take time to explore your innermost self, which you know you love!

Type Five – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Perfect Vacation Spot

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Okay, okay hear us out Fives. We know you like your space and we respect that. So why would we send you to a crowded city? That’s where all the privacy is! You can get lost in the crowds of Amsterdam, and just observe. There’s a plethora of museums and cultural centers for you to explore. Even just taking a book and spending some time in a coffee shop in Amsterdam is perfect for you.

Type Six – Hawaiian Cruise

perfect vacation spot

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For most Enneagram types, the perfect vacation spot is a geographic location, but for the Loyalist Enneagram type, the perfect vacation spot depends much more on who you’re with! With that in mind, it doesn’t mean you still can’t go somewhere amazing! Hawaii is the ideal vacation destination to relax, and enjoy time with one another. Cruises have an itinerary and everything is taken care of for you. This makes the perfect combination for you to let go of your worries and just enjoy yourself! You deserve it!

Type Seven – Carnival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Start brushing up on your Español, Eights, because you are off to Carnival! Much like the festival, it doesn’t matter where it is, it still brings the party! But since Eights are the biggest parties of the Enneagram, we are sending them to the biggest festival party, Rio! You know you love any occasion with a theme or costume dress code. You’re curious and interested so you’ll get so into the customs behind the festival. A party is how you unwind, Sevens, so let’s do it big on an international scale!

Type Eight – Morocco

Perfect Vacation Spot

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Not much will shake you, Eight! You are strong and empowered and intense, so if there’s anyone willing to go to the (literal) distance, it’s you! That’s why Morocco is the perfect vacation spot for our Challengers! Morocco is certainly different than the normal vacation destination, and you love that! You are attracted to the exotic, which is why you’re now looking at all the different things to do in Morocco right now. You’re not afraid of confrontation, Eights, so you’ll thrive bartering for souvenirs and goods at the Fez Medina. The thought of trekking through the desert would make other travelers’ throats go dry, but not for you! Make sure while you’re there to check out the blue city of Chefchaouen!

Type Nine – Grindelwald, Switzerland

Perfect vacation spot

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Bring your softest sweaters snow bunnies, we are headed to Switzerland! First and foremost, the country is known for being neutral in all international conflicts, which is the music to the Peacekeeper Enneagram Type’s ears. Speaking of peace, what could be more peaceful than watching snow fall on the Swiss Alps while all snuggled up with a good book and hot chocolate (with Swiss chocolate of course!) You’re a bunch of daydreamers, and there is no place dreamier than this for you!

Now all that’s left is to get your suitcases and your passports ready! If the travel bug is still biting, make sure to check out five more destinations to add to your bucket list or our most useful travel essentials!

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