How To Prep For Your First Flight Post-Quarantine

So your ready to travel, but not ready to actually do the traveling. We get it, it can be a scary thought to be in the airport in confined space on a flight post-quarantine. Wow, let us just take a moment to recognize how far we have come since the beginning of this pandemic. Our IBT community has navigated this crazy time together, and we have to say there is no one else we would rather go through this with than you guys, we love you all! Now that we have gotten that off our chest, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Germs are gross, and when a virus is around, we do not play around with protecting ourselves. So if you are in need of tips of how to mentally and physically prep for your first flight post-quarantine then you came to the right place.

Image by @meg_legs

.01 – Do your Airline Research

Girl, do your research before booking your flight. Research what the airline policies are for cancelations, delays, and even just cleanliness. One of our editors recently flew with a (not be named) airline, and oh boy does she wish she would have chosen someone else. Are they requiring masks, will they be cleaning in between flights, will they provide alcohol wipes, etc.

.02 – Bring a surplus of what you need to feel comfortable

Are you feeling nervous about the germs floating around, or maybe the condition or other passengers? Brainstorm a list of things that would make you more comfortable like hand sanitizer or a spare mask and make sure you have a surplus of those items. It is your body, so do what you need to make your trip the least stressful possible!

.03 – Seems simple, but drink Lot’s of Water

What’s the best way to combat nerves? Easy fuel your body with what it needs, which we can all agree most of us don’t drink enough water. Even if you think you do, more will never hurt. Your water intake affects everything from your energy levels to your actual mood. One of our favorite products to use to ensure that we are drinking the water constantly throughout the day is the Fillup by FluidStance!

.04 – Diffuse your favorite scents

Another one of our favorite ways to calm our nerves is by diffusing our favorite essential oils. In fact, if your have kiddos coming on the flight with you this is an awesome and easy way to get them feeling calm and centered about their flight to come! We love this goodnight lamb kid’s diffuser by Guru Nanda, and we know the kids will love it just as much as you do!

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