The unexpected (but perfect!) holiday gift for the man in your life


The holiday season is a difficult one, yes we know it’s full of Christmas cheer, but no one seems to talk about the stress that we endure before the holiday searching for gifts. This stress simply means that you care about your person and you want to find them a gift they will love and actually appreciate. We have all been that person that anxiously buys their man another work button up because we know it will get used. Shopping for men is difficult, period. We get it! That’s why we have found the most unexpected (but perfect!) holiday gift for the man in your life!

Today, we have the pleasure of working with our friends at Jaxxon to present you with three different options of Men’s jewelry to choose from. Yes, you heard us right, men’s jewelry. We can also guarantee that you are probably scratching your head confused because you have never heard of men’s jewelry that would be nice enough to gift. Rest assured you are not alone, and that’s precisely what inspired the couple that started Jaxxon to start the company! They are determined to deliver fine jewelry for men to fill the gender gap in the fine-jewelry industry. Since their launch, they also have released a fabulous line for women. Ladies if you are reading this you may just find something for yourself as well!

Before we get into the actual gifts we have chosen we want to share a little bit about what makes Jaxxon so different from any other option on the market. Not only are they the most modern and fashion-forward pieces we could find, but they are also made to last using the highest quality materials available.  All of their chains are made in Italy by expert jewelers. When you #ChecktheClasp you will always find the Italy stamp on the chains. They are made with 925 Sterling silver for the silver chains, 925 Sterling Silver coated 3x in Real 14K Gold for the gold bonded pieces, but they also have Solid 14K Gold chains, Solid 14K White Gold, and Black pieces made with 925 Sterling Silver and coated 3x in Black Rhodium.

Phew, let that soak in, these pieces are the best of the best. Not to mention they offer a “stack + save” option to pair two separate chains for one great look (and to save money!!). Last but not least, all of their chains are a good weight and are made with only the most precious metals to ensure long-lasting wear and a great shine to them. Now, onto the gifting…

Holiday Gift Option NO.01

Rope + Cuban – These chains are Solid Sterling Silver coated 3x in Real Gold. These two best sellers complement each other perfectly and also look great worn on their own. What we love about this piece is that you get two quality items in one. We all love that layered look, but it can be hard guessing how to achieve that, so this one solves that problem for you! Not to mention, that it also happens to be on sale today – Score!!

item pictured below

Holiday Gift Option NO.02

The Figaro This chain is Solid Sterling Silver coated 3x in Real Gold. This exclusive customized style was crafted in Italy using our best-selling Cuban links spaced two links further than a typical Figaro. What we love about this piece is that the style is timeless. When you are spending a good penny on a quality piece of jewelry you want it to last in style and make. This option will do just that!

item pictured below

Holiday Gift Option NO.03

The Fairfax This chain is Solid Sterling Silver and crafted in Northern Italy. The sleek edges and sharp arrow-shaped links give your chain a good weight and next-level shine. What we love about this piece is that it can give a totally different look than the previous two we chose. We love it in silver and admire it’s skinny and modern design. We can imagine this would be the perfect holiday gift for the man that enjoys a less flashy look!

item pictured below
Which holiday gift idea did you love the most? Let us know in the comments! Happy shopping!

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