Inspired by Romantic Headpieces for Unconventional Brides

One of the things I am currently lusting over and hoping to incorporate into one of my wedding activities is a fabulous head piece from…they have soooo many great pieces that could be perfect for many different occasions. Really the perfect instrument to turn a blah hair day into an extra posh and polished one! They have a few different lines. The black label is their most elite and the heart by is more for your everyday running around. I love all of their bridal pieces and unlike a veil could see myself wearing one of them post-nuptials. Some of the things that make Jen and Jaime (the creative mastermind’s) pieces unique are, they are all hand made and they each come with their very own haiku! To stay up to date on all of their latest pieces you can follow on twitter!

Heart by

Black Label:


Real Brides:


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  1. is the headpiece that is feather like and off set shown above (shown next to the larger white flower headpiece) still available, does anyone know?

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