DIY Flower Sunglasses

That Summer heat is still in full swing – and out here in SoCal, we wear our sunnies all year round anyways – so we created these awesome DIY flower sunglasses! With a pair of wayfarers and some faux flowers we added a little pep to our sunny step :). Grab your supplies and a few hot glue dots later you’ll have these babies. Cute and ready to hit the beach. When people ask: “where’d ya get those?” You’ll be able to respond with these simple steps!


What You Need:

Fake flowers
Hot glue gun

DIY Flower Sunglasses


1. If your fake flowers have stems like ours did, cut them off! You want the back of your flowers to be flat.

2. After your glue gun has heated up, add a small dot to the back of your first flower.

DIY Flower Sunglasses

3. Place flower on the top corner (either side) of your sunnies and hold them until they’re dry.

4. Repeat on both sides. We decided to do two flowers on both the left and right. Design them however you like (one flower, flowers all along the top, different colors, etc!).


DIY Flower Sunglasses DIY Flower Sunglasses

DIY Flower Sunglasses


Aren’t they cute?! Toss them in your bag, or slide them on and go catch some rays!

DIY Flower Sunglasses




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