The Black Friday Sales We will be Shopping

It’s that time of year again. You are (going to be soon) full from all the turkey and have said what you are thankful for. Now it’s time to redo your whole look! If you are anything like us Black Friday is not to be taken lightly. We realize that the sales are not technically open and ready for our wallets yet, but that does not mean there is not preparing that needs to be done. So we have done our research on the best Black Friday sales to shop but do not be fooled these deals might change or be different once the shopping commences. So, read on to enjoy our list of sales that we will be checking out!

The Black Friday Sales We will be Shopping
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#1 Anthropologie

Ahhh Anthropologie, we love everything they do. For black Friday Anthropologie will be having a variety of items and sales spread out throughout different locations so be sure to check in closer to the sale date for exact details.

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#2 Zara

For the past five years, Zara has had 30% off on their site during Black Friday, so it is safe to say we can assume they will do it again. How could you turn down 30% off a new chic blazer or mini skirt?!

#3 Topshop

Topshop has not released the exact sales that they will be offering just yet, but we know it will be good and you can expect us to be first in line at our local shop after turkey time!

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#4 Levi’s

The perfect high-waisted mom jeans have been on our wish list for… way too long. We are ready to check this staple off our wish list and enjoy the 30% discount that comes with it.

#5 Madewell

Madewell has 25% off starting now and we are ready to shop till we drop! And the best part… the sale is online as well, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home!

Image via @madewell

#6 Everlane

Our bad, this one is not a sale. Well, okay we have to admit we knew that going into this, but Everlane is just too good not to shop. This non-profit is giving back to the community in a big way this Black Friday! They will be donating $10 for every order to help put an end to single-use plastic. So get your carts ready, this one is a give-back!

#7 Target

We are anything but shy about our love for Target. Anything you need, they have. Well, we do not think we need to explain why Target is awesome, but they will be having multiple sales across the board for anything you may need!

#8 Fabletics

If you are not already a member of Fabletics, then now is the chance. If you sign up right now you can get up to 70% off your entire order. YEAH, you heard that right 70% off. But, if you are already a member not to worry because you will still get to participate in the deals with 40% off.

Image by @fabletics

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