8 things to do instead of shopping Black Friday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Black Friday of course! But this year, while everyone we know is going to be filling up their cart (online and at the mall!), we’re ready to try something new. If braving the crowds isn’t your thing, or if you’re just to switch it up this year instead of hitting your usual sales, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up 10 things to do instead of shopping Black Friday this year. Scroll down to find out what we’ll be doing!

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Fall Closet cleaning

We all know you’re going to be getting some new winter clothes for the holidays (either as gifts or as a treat to yourself!), so spend your Black Friday making some room in your closet! Give your clothes to ThredUp and you can earn cash – or, even better, ThredUp will make donations to charities of your choice on your behalf for every bag you send in. It’s the perfect activity during this season of giving!

Create new Thanksgiving leftover recipes

Get inspired by your favorite Food Network chefs and create some new Thanksgiving leftover recipes! Sure, you could always go with the classic “Thanksgiving leftover sandwich” but we’re thinking there have got to be more possibilities out there. A Thanksgiving leftover salad topped with turkey, diced sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce? Oh yeah! Thanksgiving leftover Sheperd’s pie with green beans, mashed potatoes, and turkey? Yes please! Get creative and try something now – and save us a plate!

Turn it into a Fitness Friday

Let’s be real, we all had to unbutton our pants the night before due to copious amounts of stuffing and wine, and we don’t feel guilty about it one bit! But, working a little harder the next day never hurt nobody. The good thing is, everyone will be filling the malls, so most trails, gyms, studios will be empty for you to enjoy with family + friends!

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Opt for a Massage

Whether you’re gearing up for your holiday workouts, or the conversation got a little tense over the dinner table the night before, a massage for yourself is a great way to relieve stress and decompress this time of year. After all, didn’t we just celebrate what we’re grateful for? Meditate on that while you’re in there!

“Fall” cleaning (instead of spring cleaning!)

Now that Thanksgiving is over and it’s socially acceptable to start decorating for Christmas, this is the perfect day to get your house or apartment cleaned and ready for all the red, white, and green decor! Blast your favorite holiday music and get your house holiday-prepped.

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Try a new workout class

Get a head-start on those New Year’s resolutions of being more fit and trying new things by spending the day away from the crowds of shoppers and trying a new class! With so many great options, it’s the perfect chance to try something new (and feel a tiny bit better about allllllll of the turkey and stuffing and pie you indulged in the day before!)

Get Outdoors

Go on a walk with your mom, dad, or sibling! It’s a great time to connect, get away from your phones, and just enjoy each others’ company while you’re home for the holidays.


There are a ton of organizations that are always looking for volunteers this time of year. Do some research in your area on causes that are important to you, and donate your time over the holidays!

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