Strong, Intelligent, and Worthy Kid’s Birthday Party

The words strong, intelligent and worthy belong in every woman’s vocabulary, which is why we’re so obsessed with this little girl’s birthday party themed around those three words! Bright and modern colors were the perfect way to show off the girl-power inspired details in this party, like “strong intelligent and worthy” stir sticks and fun drink names (we’ll take one “This Girl is On Fire” please!). Whether you’re 4 years old or 40, you’ll love this fun and empowering birthday party theme. Scroll down to see more from this party and get ready to feel strong, intelligent and worthy!

The mom and designer shares…

I wanted to do something that will empower not only the mama’s but the kiddos as well. So I came up with this “strong, intelligent, and worthy” theme because to me, I want Emma and all her friends to feel that they possess all those qualities. This birthday wasn’t just for Emma, but it is for all the mama’s, and papa’s, out there that cheer for their children’s characteristics versus their looks. To me, we are all worthy, and we should teach our children just that!

They say that when you find your tribe, love them hard. I enlisted my amazing friends and tribe @onesocialdesign @michellerogers_styling and @goldenarroweventsanddesign to help me style Emma’s 4th birthday. These girls empower me to be my best self, and I hope that Emma will have a tribe of her own that will empower her to be her best self.



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