Maternity Must Haves

I can’t believe I’m having another baby soon! Officially 36 weeks pregnant and hoping baby boy Lewis holds out and gives me another few weeks before he gets here!!

2 years ago when I had Londyn, I was so nervous and unprepared about what to do before she arrived. I asked friends to help me with my baby registry and looked online for reviews on what essentials I would need. I got so overwhelmed I ended up just getting the basics, which worked out ok. This time with a baby boy on the way I decided to be more proactive to really see what is out there for moms as we navigate life with a newborn.
I have been beyond excited about what I have discovered  and I’m dying to share it with all of you.

1. While being pregnant you need comfortable bras and as I was searching I found Bravado. First of all, I am obsessed with the comfort, but second of all these bras are actually for nursing. To be able to find bras I can wear all day, even sleep in, and then use them when baby gets here to easily nurse is just a dream come true. I never knew about Bravado Bras, but I am beyond grateful I found them- You have to try them out! #newfavoritebraalert

2. Since we are on the topic of nursing, I found my go to breast pump – the Medela Freestyle and I am obsessed. As a working mom, it’s great because it not only comes with a cute black tote I can take with me anywhere I go (office or travel), but I am able to remove the pump from the bag and throw it in my diaper bag too. Genius! I used a Medela pump last time I was nursing but it was not like this one!

  Maternity Must Haves

3. Additionally, when you are nursing you want an organic burp cloth for your little one (that has cute designs of course!) – I recently discovered Sophie and Bloom. I haven’t used these yet, but I will be soon. I am in love with all the cute designs and patterns. The gold bird print is my fave!

Maternity Must Haves
4. I have been thinking about “baby wearing” when my little guy gets here. I have heard a lot about it and didn’t do it much with my last baby. This time I am going to use the Sollywrap. I’ve practiced wrapping it on me and it is so comfortable and soft. Bonus is- the cute grey and white striped pattern wrap they offer. I have looked at other baby wraps and this one so far is my favorite.

Maternity Must Haves
5. I am also going to be using this new cover I just discovered to throw over the stroller. Have you heard of the Little Dream Bird? I’m obsessed! This one is appropriately called Heart of Gold. If you know me, you know I like anything gold, sequins, and neutral colors  like black, grey, white etc. So this cover just speaks to me! Bonus is that it has a black out fabric to block sun, is water resistant to avoid messes,  and has zippered pockets for storage. Also, can you see the little gold heart buttons? Loving this and can’t wait to use it!

Maternity Must Haves
 You hear of subscription services that range  from jewelry, to beauty products, to shoes. I haven’t really been big into those types of services until I found Please and Carrots! To me, this is a subscription service that makes sense.
With Londyn, she was constantly growing and changing and I had to constantly figure out what toys and food she should be playing with or trying. With Please and Carrots I won’t have to worry about that with baby boy #2. This company offers a quarterly subscription service of toys and books for newborns up to three years old. My first shipment of toys came in for 0-3 and I love them. As he grows, the toys that are sent adapt and fit where he is at during his developmental milestones.

I got you all a 15% coupon code INSPIRED15 that is valid through the end of February. Try it!! You will love!
 Maternity Must Haves
7. Hugaboo
Have you heard about Hugaboo baby floor seat? I just discovered it and am so excited to use it! Basically while I’m at home juggling work with 2 kids or running after my toddler, I can have my little guy learning to sit in this with 360 support and not worry that he might tumble forward. Plus I like the little loops on the front where I can add toys for him to play with! I picked out the Giraffe print and think it’s super cute 🙂

 Maternity Must Haves

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  1. I am so thrilled and excited to be apart of this post! Thank you ladies at Be Inspired PR! Leila, your little boy is going to be adorable!

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