Kids Valentine’s Day Card Decorating Party

February is all about love; love for yourself, your family, friends, S.O. and so on-and we can’t get enough of it! Something else we can’t get enough of? This cute-as-can-be kids Valentine’s Day card decorating party! Seriously, if you need a smile, just look at these sweet faces! Cathy Durig had the idea of creating this cute set up so the kiddos could decorate cards for their mamas & grandmas. And by decorate we mean finger paint and color :). This isn’t just a fun activity for the little ones though! Get together with your own family or ‘galentines’ and enjoy time with one another while you craft your own love notes!

Cathy says, With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I wanted to create a fun shoot with my son and his friend, where they decorated Valentine’s day cards for the important women in their lives (aka… all the Grandmas). I started with a card making station, where they could pick their favorite designs then decorate them however way they wanted… with crayons & Fingerpaint galore! These two dapper gents had so much and I know the grandmas will be so excited to see what these two cuties created.

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