Kids DIY: Small Fry Blog’s Initial Pillow

Who’s ready for a simple and cute kids DIY!?  The fabulous ladies over at Small Fry Blog came up with this fun activity that will make your little’s bedroom or playroom one of a kind!

Everyone loves feeling special and what better way to put a personal touch on a room than with a personalized pillow!  Follow the instructions below to make their easy and oh so cute initial pillow!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  1. Pillow case
  2. felt
  3. Spray Adhesive
  4. Freezer paper
  5. Optional: Embroidery floss and a needle


To affix the felt letters here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Pick a font, we used a bolded Helvetica.
  2. For a 20×20 cover, each letter was 450 point font taking up most of a single page. We printed an uppercase and lowercase of each letter.
  3. Using the printed paper as your guide, place it on top of the sheet of felt and cut around it.
  4. Once your letter is cut out, use spray adhesive to affix it.

Tip: If you want the edges to be extra secure, you can use embroidery floss around the edges!

Pretty simple, right!?  In under an hour you can add a little something for your kid’s room or family’s living room that is one of a kind!

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