Family Session

We were so excited to see this family session submission in our inbox!  Not only is this family beyond adorable but the mom is Leila’s “little sister” from Delta Gamma at Santa Clara University!  Leila actually met Angela’s husband, Mike (not her hubby at the time!), first when they lived on the same floor in the dorms their freshman year at SCU.  He introduced her to Angela and they hit it off right away! It’s so fun to see them now as a family of four and remember back to when they were just starting off.  Just another reminder how fast life seems to moving these days!

Books are one of the first interactions a parent will have with a child and it is so exciting to see kids begin to take interest in them!  We love how Angela and her family not only found a gorgeous greenhouse to take some family photos at but incorporated what we’re sure is an extra special ritual in their home…reading!  Despite being outdoors it feels so cozy with their knit blanket and snuggly moments.  We love the kids sweet little faces and you can see how much love and laughter is in this family.

Thanks so much to Meg Sexton for sending this adorable family our way and making our week a little bit brighter and our big world feel a little smaller!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…



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  1. @weddingPR Small world when a fam submission comes in our inbox only to find it’s my little sis from @deltagamma!

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