American Themed Kids Photo Shoot

We’re so excited to share this adorable American themed photo shoot with you, but even more excited to share the story behind the sailboat! The styling for this shoot was done by Kayla O’Rourke and Tylene Howarter. Tylene’s mom was a Mariner Scout in Newport Beach. She loved to sail and saved for almost 3 years to buy her first boat in 1963, when she was just a junior in high school. This shoot features her grandkids who are now learning how to sail! Tylene and her hubby Sean restored it so it would be fit for a sail with the kids. They ended their photo shoot with a picnic on the shore, complete with mom’s homemade blackberry pies! The perfect way to end our Inspired by America week here on IBT!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Photography: Acres of Hope Photography
Styling: Kayla O’Rourke

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  1. Beautiful, that is the sweetest story picture. Darling kids. Refreshing.

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