How to Throw the Perfect First Birthday Party

Surviving the first year of your little one’s life is something to celebrate! Even though they won’t remember the party, we guarantee they’ll enjoy looking back on the pictures when they’re older. Plus it’s the perfect excuse to invite over your family and friends and enjoy a celebration! Wondering how to throw the perfect first birthday party? Some people choose to go over the top and some choose to keep things simple and intimate – either way we have a few tips for all of you planning this special day.

Photo by Kelsey Albright from a Puppy Princess First Birthday

1. Print pictures of your little one and scatter them around the party. This is a fairly inexpensive way to decorate a party, and we guarantee your guests (especially if the grandparents are there!) will LOVE it. It’s so fun looking back at all the pictures over the years and seeing just how much your son or daughter has changed. I used Costco for my pictures, but Walgreens, CVS and Target also offer quick printing.

Photo by Balee Images from a Honeybee First Birthday Party

2. Have a smash cake or cupcake. I went back and forth on this one for a while… We don’t give our daughter any kind of sweets, but I ultimately decided a few bites (that’s all they typically ingest anyway – everything else ends up on them or the floor!) wouldn’t hurt. I found a vegan and gluten free bakery that only uses natural sweeteners (maple syrup, apple sauce, etc.) that I was comfortable with. So if you’re of the same mindset, I encourage you to do the same! Or better yet, make it yourself 🙂 Your little one will love sticking their hands in it and your guests will enjoy watching.

Onesie by Tutu du Monde

3. Find the perfect party outfit! This sounds trivial, but you will look back on these pictures for the rest of your life so of course you want your little looking stylish! I choose a onesie from Tutu du Monde for my little girl and it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was the perfect amount of princess and sophistication. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on it! If you have a little boy I’d suggest checking out Old Navy or The Gap – they have some dapper choices!

Photo by Aaron Young Photography from “She’s A Gem” Metallic Birthday Party

4. Serve food and drinks that have a little something for everyone! Chances are there’s going to be a large age-gap at this shin-dig (other little ones, parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents!). So it’s important to keep in mind the dietary preferences of everyone, as well as foods that can be easily eaten while standing. Fruit and veggie spreads, yogurt parfaits, empanadas, tacos and mini cups full of crackers and other snacks are great options!

Photo by Aaron Young Photography from Construction Themed First Birthday Party

5. Incorporate things your baby loves! This can be the full party theme or something small like the cake. Your little one will love seeing Mickey Mouse on their walls or a dump truck on their cake, and it’s a great way to always remember what your baby loved at this stage in life!

Photo by Krista Mason from a Pink Puppy Birthday Party


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