How to Navigate what “back to school” Looks Like in 2020

Back to school season is difficult no matter what time of the year it is, and what it looks like. When we add distance learning vs. in-person schooling into the mix, on top of a global pandemic, all bets are off. We get it, as parents we are exhausted. We want our kids to be thriving in a healthy and happy environment. If you are a parent right now you either are faced with the difficult decision to send your child to school or if you should keep them home. Or maybe your school district has made the decision for you. Whatever the outcome, we are here to help inspire you to embrace what’s next with positivity.

Today on the blog we are focusing on what “back to school” looks like in 2020 for our children that will be learning in the classroom. We have rounded up our favorite tips and products that we swear by and are personally sending our kids to school using to ensure that their year is the healthiest and safest it could be. So scroll on to see the tips we are following to create a great year back at school!

.01 – Start by Protecting their Immune System

We will gladly relay information on to you that we have learned from the experts but it is always best to just listen to the experts directly. One of our favorite recourses on how to protect your children’s immune system is this podcast episode from one of our favorite nutritionists Kelly LeVeque. We all know and love her fab4 smoothie, but I bet you didn’t know she offers great advice and tips on all health and wellness topics!

Image via @bewellbykelly

.02 – Keep all of their Belongings Safe with an Anti-microbial Bag

Backpacks get dirty, and when you give them to kids to take care of they are not exactly the most caring of their belongings, and that’s okay. So when we heard about Apera Bags, line of backpacks we knew we had hit the jackpot. We have used their gym bags because of the anti-microbial material for a while, and cannot say enough good things about it. What makes this bag different is that it’s crafted with anti-microbial fabrics to fight odor-causing bacteria, increase the lifetime of your bag, and allow you to have confidence that your bag will never obtain mold and mildew.

Image via @ninenaturals

.03 – Segment Foods to Prevent Hand Feeding

We know all too well that when your kids are left to eat how they want they will pick up items and put it into their mouths without thinking about the ramifications of their actions. They are kids after all. So, we have found that buying them a lunch box that makes eating as easy as possible will result in the most sanitary as possible. Our favorite segmented lunch boxes are from Planet Box, plus they have all the other essentials like utensils and lunch bags.

Image via @planetbox

.04 – Label Everything To Prevent Mix-ups

Nothing is worse than your kids coming home from a long day at school only to hand you their classmate’s lunch box they picked up thinking it was theirs. Yuck, right?! Our favorite brand for all things labels is Mabel’s Labels. They have the cutest options, for every unique and beautiful personality that kids bring to the table! Considering the fact that students are not allowed to share anything at this time, these labels are essential. We are talking about labeling literally everything, because if you don’t have a label on it, then it will get tossed, whether that be school supplies,  masks, clothes, you get the picture. In our opinion, the more labels the better, and these ones are by far the best on the market!

Photo via @mabelslabels

.05 – Own a Reliable Thermometer

If you are like us and have to check your children’s temperature in the morning before allowing them entry into school during this COVID season, then finding a product that makes that process as easy as possible is essential. Everyone knows the difficulty of making your kiddos stand still long enough to get their temperature from under their tongue. Have we triggered you?! It’s 2020 time to upgrade your thermometer to an automatic one that is as simple as a push of a button. Our personal favorite one is made by Tru+Med which you can grab from your local Target!

Image via @trumedusa

How are you preparing for what back to school looks like?! Let us know in the comments the steps you are taking to protect them!

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