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It’s a tea party! Can we all agree that there’s something so idyllic and charming about afternoon tea? So, when you’re invited to partake, it’s always YES! Well, these 3 year olds didn’t really have a say, but we think they enjoyed it all the same :). The French tea party birthday party was planned by the birthday girl’s doting mama, and Lake and Lavender event planner, who went as far as to create headband fasteners and baby cakes for the party guests! How cute is that?! Scroll on to see all the sweet details from this special day! And when you’re all done, find more inspiration in this iridescent unicorn party or this ballerina birthday party!

Radian Photography shares, We fell in love with Elisa’s vision for her daughter, Nora’s, third birthday party. She put so much thought and care into curating the perfect selection of French and vintage-inspired wares to create a celebration that both Nora’s friends AND their mothers loved! The birthday table was set with teacups and warm-hued florals and napkins folded into roses with mini cakes waiting to be served to each guest. But first, Nora and her friends put on floral headband fascinators and drank apple juice from their very own tea cups and had their first bite of macarons. Meanwhile Elisa made sure that the other moms had their own tea…in real cups!

This was truly a labor of love on Elisa’s part. Not only did she ensure that every detail was in place to make Nora’s celebration as beautiful as it could be, but she created some of the magic herself! She crafted the mini cakes and floral arrangements beforehand to put the finishing touches on the party. We are sure that one day, when Nora looks back on these photos of her celebration, she will be just as in awe of the beauty that Elisa created as we are!

Elisa shares reflections from the party below:

Nora is at such a sweet and fun stage. As content as can be, she will lose herself in play – particularly with her tea sets. This is probably the last party where I will have a say in the theme, so I wanted to choose something that would honor not just her interest today, but what has been a story of her life until now and what will hopefully continue to be true of her.

When it comes to parties, I get a lot of joy adding in some special handmade elements. For this party, I thought it would be fun for the girls to wear fascinators. Since many of the guests were under 3, I thought turning the hats into headbands was the better way to go and used flowers, pearls, and white headbands to bring the idea to reality. Surprisingly, the girls wore them the whole time, and hopefully will wear them for at-home play and dress up! Nora loves balloons and we always inflate them and scatter them around the living room for free play. This time, I was also inspired to use them to create a statement above the cake table, with eucalyptus completing the look. For the floral wreath, I bought a large embroidery hoop and painted it white. I attached the eucalyptus first using floral wire and then cut flowers and put each stem in individual floral water tubes so they would last. I wrapped them to the hoop with floral wire, finishing the look by attaching it to the wall.

Executing a party is a lot of work, so take help when offered! I had so much fun making the balloon banner with my good friend while her daughter played with my kids. Moments like that with friends are really bonding and special. My lifelong best friend, Liz, flew in to be here for the party. While she laughed at my grand plans to remove furniture and use rented furniture, I am so thankful to share that crazy experience with her. When Nora looks back at the pictures from her third birthday, I hope she feels loved and celebrated. I hope she smiles at her friends having fun and sharing in the experience with her. I hope she always twirls, eats a macaron with two hands, and never loses that carefree spirit!

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