Fiesta First Birthday Party

If you doubt your creativity after seeing this adorable “Nacho Libre” themed first birthday party on our baby blog today, you’re not alone! This may be the most supremely executed fiesta for a little boy we’ve ever seen. Little Knox’s momma, Erica from 10.11 Makeup and her husband Joel, pulled together the cutest party for her son complete with sugar cookies embossed with the birthday boy’s picture! The Nacho Libre costume (made by Knox’s doting mom & dad) inspired the Mexican fiesta theme – and frankly, stole the show! You won’t be able to get enough of this cake smashing 1-year-old so without further ado – here what his mom has to say about the day!

We chose to do Knox’s first birthday theme as “Knoxo Libre” (based off of Nacho Libre), well mostly because it was a pun and I love puns… and also the costume was just too good!

Joel and I made the costume- we ordered the red tights that we cut into the bloomers off of amazon, as well as the red laced socks, and the kids cape. We (and by we I mean Joel) used Rit-dye to dye white tights to match the blue from “Nacho Libre”, and I used red duct tape as the knee patches. I  found tassels at Joanne’s Fabrics and attached them to the cape, and then I drew on a mustache because it was funny using my Lise Watier waterproof liner. 🙂 
We decided to do a fiesta theme to go along with the costume.  Thankfully Carissa (of JL Designs) and Mel (of Sweet and Saucy Shop) are amazing at what they do because they made the party come together… seriously. Carissa potted a variety of cacti, aloe, and pepper plants in clay pots and adorable El Pato cans that she ordered online. Joel hung lights across the backyard and we strung Papel Picado that I picked up at a local Mexican Market along the lights, as well as in our entryway and on the edges of all the tables. We used Mexican blankets as the linens as well as for the backdrop for the dessert station. I also purchased a Pinata (I swear it was a lifesize pony size) from the local market, as well mini pinatas to use on the tables for decor. We used the Papel Picado to wrap around Knox’s high chair and Mike Radford photographed a lot of the details for us as well as the smashing of the cake.  

Knoxo Libre's First BirthdayKnoxo Libre's First BirthdayKnoxo Libre's First BirthdayKnoxo Libre's First Birthday Knoxo Libre's First Birthday Knoxo Libre's First BirthdayKnoxo Libre's First Birthday

Mel made the adorable smash cake as well as a variety of desserts to go along with our fiesta themed party, including a churro mini cupcakes and sugar cookies adorning knox in his costume. 
We also had a taco cart, Tacos San Jose,  that we hired locally per Jesi Haack’s referral, to come and make delicious tacos, and we provided Mexican beers, my hubs’ famous margaritas, and fruit-infused water. 
Joel designed the invitation and we created a website invite using the site and the photos he took of Knox in his costume. 

Knoxo Libre's First BirthdayKnoxo Libre's First BirthdayKnoxo Libre's First Birthday Knoxo Libre's First Birthday


Design: 10.11 Makeup
Decor & Plants: JL Designs
Photo: Mike Radford
Tacos: Tacos San Jose

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