Bright Roaring Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

What would a front yard quarantine birthday party be without a super fun and creative theme? We have to say this is our first party that has roared in our faces. Okay not literally, but we can tell just from the photos that this roaring dinosaur themed birthday party was one full of joy and happiness. It’s time to buckle up and get ready to see a preview into how adorable and special this day was.

Mom and planner, Christine with Flower Treasures shares,

“We called it Ava’s roaaaaring birthday party! And since Mom works in the industry as an event planner and florist, she always loves to have a bit of extra fun with her kid’s birthdays. This year was no exception even with the current times and COVID restrictions, we just had to get extra creative and switch things up a little bit. We found a way to host friends and family on the street and still have a pretty party with a large installation behind the food table, a second backdrop, and styled vignette for the bar cart that doubled as a photo wall, a large number 3 bigger than the birthday girl, a dinosaur pinata and delicious bite-size food that was all in individual grab-a-ble portion sizes. The theme was dinosaurs because that was the birthday girl wanted and it ended up being the cutest theme and lots of fun to incorporate. We styled everything blue/green with little pops of blush and dinosaur just about everything. We wanted to do something fun to inspire others and show them you can still have safe, socially distanced birthdays during these unprecedented times. Auntie Victoria (Owner of Heals Shop) made the sweetest dinosaur outfits for the birthday girl and her 1-year-old brother (as she does for all their parties) and they were too cute! It was a relaxed party no short of food, cake, cookies, and laughs and the birthday girl smiled the whole time! A huge thank you to all of the other vendors/industry friends who pitched in to make for a beautiful and memorable celebration for our nearest and dearest.”

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