Seasonal Snail Mail Ideas to Spice Up Your Gift Giving

Have we ever been so distant from our loved ones in past holiday seasons?! Our answers would be a resounding “NO”. This holiday season surely does feel different than past, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less special. In fact we would like to challenge you to take this opportunity to really gift giving with these fun seasonal snail mail ideas. Yes, you heard it here first – we are declaring 2020 the season of snail mail because there has never been a more important time to connect with your loved ones!

Image via minted

.01 – Include a Small Gift

One of our favorite ways to surprise people with gifts is when they are very thoughtful. We love that Greetabl has the cutest options for the extra special people on your list. You get to create an adorable little box with a custom note to your loved one in addition to a small gift of your choice. We love the confetti and candle options!

Image via Greetabl

.02 – Get Creative with a Puzzle

What could be sweeter than gifting your loved ones a letter that also includes a little puzzle in replacement of the traditional Christmas card. We love these adorable photo puzzles from Minted that are totally customizable and optimized for maximum family fun!

Image via @minted

.03 – Add Fun Ribbon to you Snail Mail

What could be more sweet than some fun ribbon that compliments your holiday cards? For a year where we are more limited on when are and how often we can see our loved ones, there has never been a time we needed to connect with others more. We always think that adding fun elements like cute ribbons to your cards is a great way to do that!

Image via @aurelie.erikson cards from Minted

.04 – Include a Holiday Ornament

A flat holiday ornament is the perfect little momentum to add to your holiday snail mail! It fits easy and can be used by everyone. Plus every time your recipient looks at their Christmas tree they will be reminded of you. Now if that isn’t the sweetest thing ever, we don’t know what is! We love this adorable little mail box from Rifle Paper Co.

Image from Rifle Paper Co.

.05 – Add Mini Decorative Elements

We have all seen these adorable mini trees included in gift wrapping, but have you ever thought to add them into an envelope? Of course you could also throw in come fun confetti and the letter into one of the post box envelopes and it will be like a Christmas explosion when opened for who ever receives it! How fun right?!

Image via @themerchantatl

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