Children’s “Reindeer Games” Holiday Party in Canada

For this Christmas eve, we thought what could be a better way to kick off the holiday than to share an adorable and heart-warming children’s “reindeer games” holiday party based in the one and only Canada. If you are like us, then the thought of a Canadian holiday party just seems right on Christmas Eve. Not to mention that this whole shoot was styled to resemble one of the most prestigious clothing designers, Ralph Lauren himself. So without further ado, we will let the images speak for themselves!

The event planner shares,

This shoot was inspired by the iconic designer known for their classic and elegant holiday flair, Ralph Lauren. We wanted to showcase a different and unique concept that one can bring into their home during the holidays, to create a warm and intimate setting for their children.

Class and style comes through with the ornate and delicate ornaments providing a soft detail, with red poppies and reindeer antlers to in with that childish holiday touch. Reindeer games were used as a fun kids concept that can be used in an intimate gathering, especially today where intimate gatherings are the focus to keep everyone safe and healthy during the holidays here in Canada.


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