Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Ok, Kara Stout, how did you make a Pumpkin Pie look this delicious and still (dare we say it) healthy?! We’re thoroughly impressed by and excited to try the mini pumpkin pies with chocolate crust (YES), and share them with all our family and friends on Thanksgiving! Best part? They are super easy to make and require no oven time! Check out Kara’s pumpkin spice smoothie while your at it!

This is not your typical pumpkin pie filled with sugar and guilt. It’s gluten-free, vegan and requires no baking which makes these pies a lot easier and faster to make than the usual homemade pumpkin pies. You can actually feel proud of yourself for eating this dessert with all its protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and omega 3s. These mini pies are made with whole, clean ingredients, natural sweeteners, and love. They are also perfect for holiday entertaining!

Ingredients (Makes 4 mini pies):

1 cup cashews
7 pitted Medjool dates
Dash of sea salt
1 tbsp cacao powder

2 15 oz. cans pumpkin puree {organic & BPA free}
4 tbsp 100% pure maple syrup
3 tsp pumpkin pie spice
2 heaping tsp cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 tbsp chia seed


1. For the crust, blend cashews in blender. Then add the dates and sea salt and blend. Then add in the cacao powder and blend again.
2. Roll out crust with rolling pin on parchment paper.
3. Press crust into mini pie molds. I used the mini round tart pans from Williams-Sonoma. Place molds in freezer while you mix together the filling.
4. For the filling, simply mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
5. Take mini pie molds with crust out of the freezer. Scoop the pumpkin filling into each of the molds.
6. Place mini pumpkin pies in the fridge for a couple hours or leave overnight.
7. Take out & enjoy!!

Note: For a healthier whipped cream option, you can whip up some homemade coconut or cashew whipped cream, or purchase rice whip.

Mini Pumpkin Pie RecipeMini Pumpkin Pie Recipe Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe Mini Pumpkin Pie RecipeMini Pumpkin Pie Recipe Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe  Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Recipe Development & Styling: Kara Stout, Bridal Nutrition + Wellness Coach
Photography: Charla Storey Photography 
Styling: Wedfully Yours Events & Design 
Hair & Makeup: Beauty & the Blush
Floral: RLove Floral Designs

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