Our Favorite Friendsgiving Traditions

The concept of Friendsgiving is so beautiful– a group of people, with no familial relations, coming together to celebrate what they’re thankful for. We are people who love to celebrate. Friendsgiving traditions are at the top of our list for fall festivities. Here we have a list of 5 of our favorite Friendsgiving traditions to participate in this year.

.01 – Name Tags

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We love decorating name tags for the table– it’s a sweet way to personalize the setup! Creating a theme can add even more character to the dinner! We recommend going on Pinterest to find some inspiration!

.02 – Pot Luck Style

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When everyone brings a dish/recipe of their own creation, it adds so much personalization to any meal. It’s also an interactive way to get everyone involved in the preparation of dinner!

.03 – Stream Friends Episodes

Our Favorite Friendsgiving Traditions

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Everyone loves Friends– especially their holiday episodes. Making a tradition out of watching the quick 22-minute episodes each year with your friends can be very fun!

.04 – Take a Yearly Photo

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Mimic the same pose every year & watch after a few years the evolution of your squad! Color coordinating could also be a great way to harmonize!

.05 – Go Around the Table with Different Prompts

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Instead of simply going around saying what you’re thankful for, come up with brand new different prompts that are special to your friend group. A couple ideas are: What aspect of your life are you most grateful for? What’s a difficult lesson you’ve learned since last thanksgiving that you are grateful to have learned?

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