Intimate Backyard Party Celebrating the New Year

It’s mid-way into February and we can finally confirm that the fact that we made it into 2021 is no joke. Yes, COVID is still around but with the new year in effect, we can’t be the only ones feeling some sense of joy and peace. This gorgeous intimate backyard party was designed to celebrate the new year and create a positive narrative surrounding it. We have to say, we are kinda obsessed with it! Scroll on to see how this talented team of vendors made this party feel like boho meets disco in the best way possible.

As 2020 finally approaches an end (because it felt like a never-ending sad episode) and the much anticipated New year lingering around the corner, it is imperative that we welcome it and celebrate it in a grand way, simply because “WE MADE IT”! YES, We finally made it out of 2020, which felt like the longest year ever and 2021 could not have arrived any sooner. However, as we all know that our mutual problem and enemy of 2020, Mr. Covid-19 does not care about the new year and is continuing to make appearances and headlines all over the country. With that in mind, I wanted to do a styled shoot showcasing how we can still celebrate in style but with safety being on top of the list. So instead of having a huge party, our guest list is a lot smaller. Smaller meaning a family of six and keeping it very intimate with the party location only a couple steps away to our backyard. With the help of my high school friend and amazing event coordinator friend, Kham of Hello Pretty Events, and her long list of trusted vendor-friends, we were able to bring together some of the most professional, fun, and talented vendors to hop on board and bring the vision alive. I could not have done it without them. Kham (HelloPrettyevents) was the best right-hand woman, another woman can ever have when planning any size event. She not only provided the table and other rental items, but she also created the most stunning balloon design I’ve ever seen.

We decided that we wanted an overwhelming of white balloons to give the illusion of clouds and allow the bright floral colors to pop. Kham went overboard with the balloon garland and covered half of the roof with a sea of white balloons and had it flowing out of the deck, water falling into our Hot cocoa cart provided by the amazing @Thejollysheep. She was a true champ and wouldn’t stop until she was satisfied with the look and would not go home until she made sure everything was in its place and that I no longer needed help. She came over to my house to work on the balloon installation on Sunday 6 pm and did not leave my house until 2 pm the next day. Yes, both she and I spent the whole night together in my backyard setting up in 43-degree weather, witnessing the sun come up right before our eyes. This was absolutely a night we will never forget.

As we worked on our last finishing touch, our friend Crystal of @thejollysheep arrived and joined us in the “setting up party”. We had her parked her gorgeous Hot Cocoa + cotton candy cart right by the waterfall of balloons. The Jolly Sheep offer customized stickers and labels to go with your event theme. Not to mention how cute her cart and setup are. In order to set up, she had to roll her cart over the rugs and mat covering my dirt ground that was anything but smooth. I forgot to mention, that I have been doing backyard projects and due to set back of completion with the groundwork, the shoot was on the verge of cancellation. My husband worked extra hard and extra long hours a few days before the event and was able to somehow pull through and completed the groundwork the night before the shoot. SO YES, he was pouring dirt into the dug-up 5 ft holes, all while we were setting up. You cannot imagine the extra work we had to do to ensure our pretty decor did not get cover in a storm of dust.

Right behind @thejollysheep arrival, our wonderful and oh so talented photographer Samantha of @Kloseupphotohraphy arrived and got settled in. She wasn’t able to shoot right away because we were waiting on the backdrop signage to dry. Our friend @jamboeesigns was kind enough to squeeze us into her busy schedule and with short notice, made us some beautiful adornment for our comfortable low seating tablescape and the backdrop signage. The disco ball name tag was such a hit and tied the whole table set up so beautifully. Not to mention, completely goes with our Tulum + Disco ball vibe for this special New Year party. As soon as the sign was ready and placed on the beautiful arch backdrop, we were ready to rock and roll. Samantha captured every detail of the party. She did not need any direction from me and went right to work. She made sure to get plenty of photos for every vendor, from close-ups to different angles. Our other amazing vendors included Jennifer of @dearwritten, who has the most adorable stickers and pins, that were placed inside the cutest little gift box and used as gift favors.

Is a party even a party, without a charcuterie board? I don’t think so! So our friend Carolyn of @briegrazeful came by and delivered the cutest 2021 ready charcuterie board with an array of goodies. She came through because I mean, who doesn’t like a tray of so many treats to choose from. Speaking of treats. Vivian of @sugarbursst cookies wasn’t just super cute, they were extremely tasty. I gave her a minimal description of what I wanted, but she did not come to disappoint. The cookies are super detailed and the colors were blush and just perfect. Another amazing touch to our theme was the unique hanging disco balls of plants. I was so excited that my friend Julia of @boogieplant, as busy as she is with orders and delivery, was able to swing by and bless our party with her disco ball plant babies. She has all different size disco balls and different types of plants to choose from. They were such great additions to complete the whole look and theme. Lastly, but not least at all because PAMPAS is a must nowadays and once again, my very talented and super mom + super entrepreneur Kham, is also the owner of @helloprettypampas and supplied us with her fluffy pampas babies! I am so blessed and so appreciative to be able to collaborate with all these amazing and hard-working ladies.

As the whole vision came together and unfold right in front of me, after weeks of planning, a couple of times of rescheduling to accommodate our busy schedules, as some of us have children and running businesses, while also working a 9-5. The hiccups and hurdles that we had to overcome. The almost giving up and just cancel the whole thing because to coordinate, design, style, floral, and prepare the backyard on time for the shoot was just all too much. But as a team we pulled through and “We made it” happen!!! We not only made it happen but we had a great time (with our mask on and staying 6ft apart) with drinks and cheese on deck, good conversations, and my 4 years old enjoying the balloons, we were celebrating our success. We all came together in these tough times, still running our small businesses, still fighting a good fight, and together we will overcome anything! WE AS A COLLECTIVE and a TEAM CAN AND WILL make it through 2020 and make it through covid, as long as we have each other, work together and support each other we will always make it!!! “WE MADE IT”…..2021

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