How to Style an at-home Valentine’s Day That Will Wow

Valentine’s day in 2021 means one thing, you most likely will be celebrating at home. But whoever said that celebrating at home is a bad thing, is definitely mistaken. We know that the thought of making an at-home Valentine’s Day can sound daunting but not to worries that’s why we have enlisted help from one of our favorites stylists and creatives Amanda Wilens. Amanda has thrown together all the details of how you can style an at-home Valentine’s day that will wow. This set-up was made for an intimate night at home with your partner. Or even with your small family! Just an intimate way to celebrate the holiday since we can’t go out to special dinners or trips.


Pick a color scheme. For Valentine’s Day, the basics are usually pink and/or red. But don’t be afraid to add in another color like yellow, orange, or purple! Pick something that you might also have pieces for already, like linens or décor. Keep your styling simple. Find a few fun pieces of décor that you can find easily online, you can DIY, or that you maybe already have at home.


Purchase or make your own flower arrangement. I went with a beautiful red, pink, and white arrangement and used it as the centerpiece of my table. If you don’t want to spend too much on a custom arrangement, head to the grocery store and pick up a few bunches and make a simple arrangement. I always save a few extra heads of my flowers to place around the table.


Set the table with your favorite dishes and glassware. I personally wanted something neutral that wouldn’t take away from the décor but add to it. Simple white dishware or your favorite fine pieces. Stacking plates or using charges always makes things a bit more elevated and fun!


Pick pretty linen! Whether it’s a table runner or just your napkin, add in a linen that’s on theme and adds some color and texture. I chose a muted pink that went with the color scheme. You can fold these to the side of your plate, tie them on top of your plate, or tie-up with a pretty ribbon.


Decorate with food. I love adding to the look of a tablescape with food! Decorating with food is always a good idea. Add a few of your favorite platters or cake stands and add in the food. I love to fill in my charcuterie boards with little candies to fill in empty space. Or add sprinkles to my cake stand for more flair. If you have trouble styling your food easily, I came out with this simple guide to help!


Set the table with drinks already filled! It really adds in another element of color and texture. And to up your drink game, add a little garnish like edible flowers!


Add a little card or gift to the table for your sweetheart! It’s a sweet addition to the table and again, adds another element. And even more, fun if the wrapping colors match the theme! Use table fillers if you are thinking your table is too empty. I like using loose flowers, themed confetti, or tiny décor pieces.

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