Gingerberry Sparkler Cocktail Recipe

So what’s a Gingerberry sparkler? We’re so glad you asked! Because it’s about to be your new favorite holiday cocktail (or cocktail in general) and Cyd from The Sweetest Occassion is here to show us how to make it. Just so you know what you’re getting yourself into though, we’ll share the secret. The pretty concoction is a sparkling cranberry-ginger sip spiked with vodka. It’s perfect to serve at a cocktail party, holiday brunch, or on New Year’s Eve! We know you’re dying to try it, so – without further ado – here’s the recipe:

Hi everyone! I’m Cyd Converse, founder, editor and cocktail shaker at The Sweetest Occasion, a lifestyle and entertaining site with a passion for the holidays. Today I am really excited to share this festive holiday cocktail recipe with you. I’ve dubbed it the Gingerberry Sparkler and it’s one of those happy bubbly cocktails that is perfect for brunch, sipping on Christmas morning, serving up at an ugly sweater party or even toasting the New Year! It combines a few of my favorite things – prosecco, cranberry and ginger beer for a somewhat unexpected yet totally delicious kick. Mix a pitcher before your friends arrive and set it out with an ice bucket and champagne coupes so they can readily pour themselves a cocktail whenever their glass runs dry.



1 bottle prosecco or similar
2 cups cranberry juice
6 oz vodka
12 oz ginger beer
Fresh cranberries (optional)


Pour champagne, cranberry juice and ginger beer into a large pitcher. Add vodka and stir gently. Serve over ice in champagne coupes or martini glasses. Garnish with fresh cranberries, sip and enjoy!

For more fun cocktails, pop on over and check out my other cocktail recipes, and be sure to say hi! Happy holidays, friends! xo

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