Our Favorite Seasonal TJ’s Items to Add to Your Cart

Trader Joe’s is the CEO of seasonal items. Whenever you walk in, you feel immersed into a world of fall… mini pumpkins decorate the shopping lanes and seasonal squash is up for display as soon as you walk in. These 7 seasonal TJ’s items are a staple in our kitchen. Eating seasonally is one way we love to get into the spirit of fall. Remember- their seasonal items won’t last forever, so snag them while you can! Make sure to try these items out & tag us on Instagram if you do!

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Photos via @traderjoes on Instagram

1.Garden Vegetable Soup

Like a warm spoonful of fall. Best paired with any crunchy crackers, & a warm fire!

2. Cinnamon Bun Spread

We are obsessed with this stuff. Add to any breakfast to instantly turn into dessert?. This one pairs great with the Pumpkin Pancake Mix, but don’t forget the maple syrup!

3. Pumpkin Joe Joe’s

Trader Joe’s take on Oreos… but make it pumpkin flavored. We can’t stop eating these!

4. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Mix

This is by far our favorite seasonal item. Not only is it gluten-free, but it tastes incredible. It’s perfectly paired with a warm glass of oat milk!

5. Apple Cider Spread

This spread is such a great additive to any toast or bagel! The texture is incredibly & super chewy!

6. Pumpkin O’s

Think Cheerio consistency but packed with fall flavor. If you’re looking for a simple snack idea, look no further!

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