An Eclectic Plant Filled Loft Tour

“Libby and cary share a little studio loft in Atlanta with their two beautiful cats, every plant imaginable, and lots of works by local artists. Every inch of the loft is full of personality, love, and such amazing style!” says Natalie, of 4 Corners Photography. And we couldn’t agree more! The eclectic plant filled loft will inspire all you green thumbs to take your love of plants into the home – in a BIG way. Also, all the sunshine streaming in lights up the space in a bright and beautiful way, which no doubt keeps all the greens looking alive!

We got the chance to chat with Libby – who is a floral designer in addition to stylish decorator – about her inspiration for the space.

Tell us a little bit about your beautiful home! What made you fall in love with the loft and the area?

Our favorite aspect of our loft is most definitely the high ceilings, white walls, and huge old factory windows. The building was originally an old mattress factory built in 1864 which was converted into artist lofts and studios. We live in the Grant Park neighborhood which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta. We’re within walking distance to great restaurants, a beautiful park, downtown, and lots of fun bars. The liveliness of the neighborhood was definitely a huge draw as well as the people who live here. Grant Park is under a bit of a revitalization currently so lots of new things are happening in the neighborhood! We’ve definitely seen a lot of changes in the past few years, but we’re excited to be able to witness its growth.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I like to describe our style as artistically eclectic. Cary and I both love weirdly unique art and lots of plants. Mix in some mid century designs and a few vintage pieces and that’s our style.


There’s no denying your love of plants.. has the collection been an ongoing process or did you always know you wanted your home to be full of greenery & life?

I would definitely say it’s an ongoing process but I’ve had a love of plants since a very young age. Growing up, my mom taught me how to care for houseplants and how to grow flowers and vegetables outside in our little garden. My love of plants has definitely been contagious and something that Cary has picked up from me since we’ve met. He’s now just as obsessed as I am and I love that! Because of our small space, we ran out of room for more plants months ago but still manage to come home with a new little baby every couple of weeks when we visit a nursery. We literally can’t help ourselves!

You have so many unique and beautiful pieces and artwork! Do they come with any good stories?

Yeah they all do! Cary is the real collector of art in our home and he can literally tell a story for every piece. We both actually have pieces of our own art on the wall – his photography work and my sculptures and prints. We even have original art pieces from my mother up there and Cary’s aunt who was a painter. Our collection also includes many original works from local Atlanta artists. Our newest piece on the gallery wall is a 2nd place ribbon won by our very own Velvet, who is a retired showcat.

Living in tight quarters isn’t always easy. Do you have any small-space living tips?

Yes! One thing that makes our space seem bigger is focusing on the little design moments and trying to stay organized. We probably rearrange the plants and furniture in our loft every month or so to keep it fresh and to keep us from getting bored with such a small space. Another thing that helps is having lots of extra shelving that goes all the way up to the ceiling in our closets – the extra tall ceilings help with a little extra space for storage..just gotta have a ladder handy!

What is your favorite part about your home?

Definitely the floor to ceiling windows that allow all the beautiful natural plant loving light to flood through our home. Our two cats love to sun bathe as well as our 50+ plants. Our entire aesthetic thrives off of our plants, and our plants wouldn’t survive without the light.

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