DIY Fall Candle Recipes

It’s that time of year again where the air gets a little chiller, the drinks get a little hotter, and the leaves shift from green to orange! Whether you enjoy Autumn because it’s the start of football season, you’re a PSL enthusiast, or you love celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving, there’s that fun feeling that it brings. And to keep all the fall feels burning, we’ve rounded up a few DIY fall candle recipes! So, instead of spending this week’s paycheck on Anthropologie candles (guilty), bring the warmth home with these yummy homemade versions and soak in the scent of the season! Plus, it’s the perfect time to stay indoors and get a little crafty!

1. Sandalwood and Fig Candle

DIY Fall Candle Recipes
Photo via A Ballad of Bright

This Sandalwood and Fig candle will give off an inviting scent and have you wanting to cuddle up near the fireplace with a book! The warmth that radiates from these candles will keep your house feeling snug and welcoming this fall season.

2. Cinnamon Spiced Candle

DIY Fall Candle Recipes
Photo via Two Bees in a Pod

The mix of cinnamon and clove this candle boasts is sure to bring the essence of fall to life in your home! The smell is positively scrumptious. Plus, it’s in a copper mug – how cute is that?! 

3. Chai Candle

DIY Fall Candle Recipes
Photo via Hello Glow

The hints of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg in this candle will have you feeling warm from the inside out. Much like a chai latte, this candle will make you slow down and enjoy the present and bask in the best parts of the season!

4. Apple Spiced Candle

DIY Fall Candle Recipes
Photo via Say Yes

This apple spiced candle is a perfect reminder of the leaves changing outside! The smell of fresh baked apple pie – thanks to a real apple serving as the container – will envelop you as you watch the leaves fall .

5. Pine Soy Candle

DIY Fall Candle Recipes
Photo via Sugar & Charm

Autumn tends to go by in the blink of an eye! Towards the end of the season, when the days are getting colder and you’re layering up more, this candle will bring the scent of the great outdoors to you! This recipe is super easy to follow and will fill your home with the fresh scent of pine perfect not only for fall but winter too.

6. Bonfire Candle

DIY Fall Candle Recipes
Photo via Poppy Talk

We don’t know about you, but for us, the crisp air always inspires us to sit by a fire whether it’s in the backyard, out in the wild, or just in our living room. This bonfire candle is a sure-fire way to get the same feeling when you can’t get away for the night and without having to brave the cold!

7. French Vanilla Candle

DIY Fall Candle Recipes
Photo via Hello Glow

The mixture of vanilla bean and coffee will leave your space feeling warm and fuzzy without being too overwhelming! Are your senses already dreaming of that delightful smell?! Light it up as a great way to start your mornings and an even better way to end your nights!

What scents do you love to burn around the house during fall? 

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