Decorate at Home for Spring in 5 Simple Steps

We take all the decorating and design tips we can get so we’re thrilled to have Jessica McClendon of Glamour Nest on our lifestyle blog today! She’s sharing not only some simple steps to help you decorate at home for spring, but also a few fabulous examples.

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1. To me, there is nothing more “spring” than an arrangement of fresh blooms or greens. This is literally the most cost effective way to bring the season into your home. And you don’t even have to be a pro to create something beautiful! Start by picking one type of flower or green for your arrangement. Think about it: A vase full of peonies is so much more impactful (and easier to achieve) than a poorly arranged bouquet.

Then, buy double of what you think you need and once you get home, pop them into your favorite vase and display! It’s amazing how an arrangement can make ordinary furniture, like coffee tables or credenzas, really pop with life.

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2. Throw pillows get a bad rap because they’re a no-brainer design update. But the reality is that simply switching them up each season is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your home’s décor. A continual rotation of pillows ensures that you’re keeping the look of your home fresh and feeling new (even if your pillows aren’t new).

For the spring season in particular, I love incorporating pillows in soft floral patterns or saturated solids in pastels (this year I’m all about robin’s egg blue and coral) on my bed, sofa and side chairs. Add them in where they make the most sense in your home’s existing décor, and when the season is through and you’re ready to move on, store them until next year!

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3. I don’t know about you, but when springtime hits, I want to throw open the windows to let that fresh air in! So now’s the perfect time to do a little updating. Start by addressing your current window situation. Are your drapes dark and heavy? If so, opt for something lighter, both in texture and color. I love linen drapes year-round, but especially during the warmer months, as they filter the light just-so.

If you love your current drapery and don’t want to think about parting ways, consider switching out your drapery’s hardware. A new rod or finials is an inexpensive way to freshen up the look of your windows without making any big changes.

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4. If you’re vying for change in a bigger way and aren’t afraid of a little elbow grease, think paint. Now I’m not saying that you have to paint your whole home in a bold, springy hue. But if your home cold use a bit of a facelift, now is the best time to apply a fresh coat of paint. Whether you choose to use the same color of paint or bring in something completely new via an accent wall, new paint infuses new life into any space. And don’t forget about doors, baseboards and trim! This year I’m thinking beyond walls when it comes to paint and transforming the look of my home by painting the doors in an unexpected color.

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5. If you want to update the look of your space but don’t want to spend any money, try rearranging furniture. Take stock of your current layout. What works? What doesn’t work? How will you plan to use that space in the coming season? A quick search on Pinterest always gets me inspired to make changes, especially when it comes to seeing how others use their spaces. Make a plan for your new layout, then enlist the help of someone to help you turn your vision into a reality. Then, sit back and enjoy your new look that didn’t cost you a thing!


Tell us how you decorate at home for spring and which of these tips you plan on practicing!

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