Create the Perfect Wall Collage with Stephanie Sterjovski

Want to jump on the wall collage train but just not sure where to start!?  Well lucky for you, today we have the brains (and beauty) behind the amazing SS Print Shop, Stephanie Sterjovski!  Steph has come up with some tips on creating the perfect wall collage for your space.  As you can see from the images above, the girl knows a thing or two about displaying art!

From Stephanie

Owning a print shop, I’ve had to do a couple wall collages in my day. Here are my tips for unique ways to personalize your wall and call it your own!  I think why the collage wall is so popular right now is because it allows a dedicated space for your treasures, memories etc. to be on display. The best thing is, there are no rules, you are free to be you and personalize.


Tip #1. Add a natural element by pinning or taping faux flowers – you can use dead flowers you’ve saved from a bouquet from your significant other, or your wedding too! I love picking up faux garden roses or peonies from the craft store and pinning them on my wall for a fun pop.


Tip #2. Personal photographs are beautiful in gallery walls, but it’s good to mix it up with some prints that reflect your personality too. Prints are an affordable way to keep the gallery wall updated and trendy because you can always switch them out.


Tip #3. Have a favourite piece of leftover wrapping paper? Fabric from a DIY you recently did and it’s too beautiful to throw away? Frame it! It brings in an element of surprise.


Tip #4. Add textural elements, like this “bonjour” wire script sculpture from Anthropologie and pretty bells from Free People. If you have any keepsakes lying around, or stowed away, bring them out and present them in a pretty way on your wall.


Tip #5. Lastly, mix up your frames! Use different colours, shapes, and sizes and then move them around until it suits your eye.



Ikea Frames // Etsy Washi Tape // Anthropologie Bonjour Wire Scripture // Kate Spade Gold Dot Wrapping Paper // SS Print Shop C’est La Vie Print // SS Print Shop Classic Print // SS Print Shop Hello Gold Heart Print // Free People Bells // IKEA Faux Flowers // Kate Spade Push Pin


Photography Credits:

Stoffer Photography
Anna With Love



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