18 Christmas Gift ideas that are Under $50

They say that giving is better than receiving, and we at IBT think that totally rings true. That feeling when someone opens up that perfect gift and their face explode into a smile can’t be described in words. However, going broke this holiday season from buying gifts can be described in words. It sucks. Luckily for you, we have 18 Christmas gift ideas that won’t force you to an exclusive diet of ramen (the instant kind) because they are all under $50! Now go, shop and be the best secret Santa you can be!

1. Diffuser: A chic home decor piece and a scent vibrant scent to fill your home. Get you a gift that can do both.
2. Cheeseboard: With a chic statement piece like this, you’ll want to bring this out for every at-home gathering & social hour!
3. Jade roller: Because Self-care has been at the top of our minds this year. Kicking your skincare routine up a notch with this special tool will be at the top of our Christmas list this year!
4. Rachel Parcell Slippers: It’s a no brainer that every homebody (well, everyone in general!) needs a good pair of house slippers for those chilly mornings. This pair from Rachel Parcell and her collaboration with Nordstrom surely look far more expensive than they actually are. 
5. Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone: We all know the hassle of rolling over in the dark and trying to find the cord to plug your phone in. No? Just us? Well, either way, this charging pad for your iPhone makes it easy to charge up at your desk or your on your nightstand, cause no one likes a dead phone. 
6. Desk Coffee Mug Warmer:  We’ve all been there! You make your morning cup of coffee or tea, sit down to answer some emails, and before you know it it’s been an hour and conveniently now your coffee is cold. This mug warmer is amazing because of its microgravity technology, this coffee warmer can shut off/on when you place your cup on it and keep your coffee warm all day. 
7. Rituals + Alchemy Sleep Juju: The most frustrating feeling in the world is tossing and turning all night and waking up feeling unrested. We’ve tried the Sleep Juju from Rituals + Alchemy and our lives were changed. It’s a mineral and herbal formula to help calm your mind and fall deeply asleep so the next day you’re rejuvenated + restored! A win in our book! 
8. Engagement Ring Guard: For your BFF that is an avid gym-goer and also is engaged or married, this is the perfect gift! The guard protects the bottom of your wedding bands and engagement rings so that you can enjoy your workout without having to worry about leaving your rings in the locker room. Is it just us or did we not know that was a thing until now? 
9. Stojo Pocket Cup: (12 oz) – We’re always looking for things that simplify our busy lives, and when they’re also good for the environment, it’s a bonus! These cute go-cups are the perfect way to bring your hot (or cold!) drinks on the go, and they collapse to make it easy to toss into your bag when you’re done.
10. Bright Eyes Collagen-Infused Eye Gels & Sleep Mask Set: We’re all for beauty treatments that require little-to-no effort, so this cute eye gel & sleep mask set is definitely on our wish list this year! These collagen-infused eye gels are perfect to throw on while you’re cozy on the couch with your favorite TV show, and the sleep mask is guaranteed to give you a peaceful sleep!
11. Petite Travel Jewelry Case: The perfect gift to help keep your friend/mom/girlfriend organized on her next trip! This petite jewelry case is the perfect size to throw in a tote bag or gym bag next time they leave the house so you can accessorize on the go!
12. Foil-Pressed Maps: Dorothy said “There’s no place like home,” 80 years ago, and there’s a reason that it stuck! Gifting this adorable print will give you extra brownie points for being personalized, and will be especially meaningful for anyone spending the holidays away from home.
13. Feminist Tote: For all the fierce females in your life, this tote makes the perfect statement, literally! It’s chic, it’s “woke” (unsure if we are cool enough to use this term) and it’s “totes” adorable! (Yup, definitely not cool enough.)
14. Guide Book for Where to Drink Wine: This will look beautiful on your friend’s IKEA coffee table (no shame in the game, we at IBT love a nice IKEA piece,) and it’s basically the only guide book your friend planning a European excursion will need. Give this gift, and you’re sure to get a big “Gracias!” or “Merci beaucoup!” or “Grazie!” in return.
15. Leather Airpod Case: Airpods are what’s cooler than cool right now, but you know what isn’t cool? Losing them. Solution? An Airpod case so cute your loved one will never forget to put them away! Truly the gift that keeps on giving!
16. Seven Days of Self Care Advent Calendar: You know the advent calendars from when you were little? Well, they just got a facelift (or maybe a face mask!) When you can’t decide on just one gift to give, give seven in one instead!
17. Slip Midi Mixed Scrunchie Set: Where all the VSCO girls at?? Just kidding, you don’t have to be a VSCO girl to love this super cute scrunchie set! Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also practical, because the silk is so much better for your hair than typical hair tie materials, so whether it’s up or down, give the gift of gorgeous hair!
18. Copper French Press: Everyone has this person in their life. They are always on-trend, they were the first to send you Maggie Rogers’ album and they look better than anyone else you know in a beanie. You had no idea what to get them, but now you do! This copper French Press is just as cute as it is cool, and they can go and make all their exotic coffee concoctions with it!

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