After School Snack Platters for Kids

The first thing our kids want after a long day at school is a snack – can you blame them? And their growing bodies and brains need a lot of nourishment and the right snacks to provide it. Not to mention things they actually want to eat! Catherine at Weelicious is a master of snack time thanks to her yummy after school snack platters. You and your little ones won’t have any trouble digging into these healthy platters! Plus, they are easy to make! Below, she shares a few tips for creating them and a list of recommended items. However, feel free to change them up based on what you have in the kitchen or what your kids love. Happy snacking!

Pick foods that are nutrient dense. Cut up fruits, vegetables, low fat cheese, lean meats and whole grain crackers to make sure you’re offering foods that everyone gets excited to eat!

Put it on a stick! Everything is more fun to eat off a stick from fruits to caprese to deconstructed sandwiches.

Think about a variety of foods in different shapes. Use a melon baller, cut foods into triangles, squares and circles. It adds to the fun factor!

Color is key! When building a platter shop for foods with tons of naturally bright colors. This can come from fruits, vegetables, dips, chips and more!

Here are some ideas to get your snack platter going:
Bell Peppers
Hard Boiled Eggs
Multi-grain Crackers
Granola Bars

Nut Butter

What are your favorite snacks for your kids? Check out these healthy school lunches for more inspiration!


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