3 Free Printable Father’s Day Cards

Does anyone else love getting the cutest cards on the market, but don’t always love the steep price tag?! Yeah, we thought so. That’s why this year we decided to make three totally free printable Father’s day cards you can download, print, and cut in under 20 minutes. We are willing to bet it would take you just as long to drive to your local Target as it would to get one of these cute cards printed and ready to go! So, ready to get started? Scroll on to read the directions for yourself!


Step One – Download the prints and save the PDF page that correlates to the particular card you want to print.

Step Two – Print the page that correlates to the particular card you want. Don’t worry, the cards are already sized to print accurately on a 8.5 x 11in page. We recommend printing on card stock to get the full “greeting card” effect. After all, you want your card to look like it came from the store, right?!

Step Three – Cut your card on the border until your have removed all the white. Then, carefully fold your card at the center line.

Step Four – Marvel at how easy getting your father’s day card was this year! Enjoy!

Which design from these Father’s Day cards is your favorite? We can’t choose we love them all for different reasons, and we whale always love them! 😉

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