10 Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Are you falling in love this February? Whether you’re shopping for your significant other or celebrating your singlehood, we have all the Valentine gift ideas you’ll need! Today, you don’t have to worry about settling for just chocolate. All of these unique presents range in price point and style. So, there is something for everyone!

01. Guru Nanda Humidifier

Thoughts from an IBT Girl:

The Guru Nanda Humidifier has been game-changing for my evenings. I have grown up with respiratory struggles & in seasons like fall & winter, the dry air is hard for me at night! It has been so relieving to have this humidifier because it fills my entire room & keeps me comfortable when I sleep. Adding essential oils into the water has been so beneficial for my well-being! On top of all that… the humidifier runs for a long time, so when I wake up, the air is still humid, AND the humidifier is still running! I couldn’t picture my evening routine without it now!”  

02. CHI The Sparkler Hairstyling Iron

Image via @chihaircare

Thoughts from an IBT Girl:

“Every time I pull out my CHI The Sparkler Hairstyling Iron, my friends are so mesmerized by how beautiful & efficient it is! I have medium-length hair & this tool allows me to style it quickly (& it lasts all day long, too). It heats up super fast, so I don’t have to worry about plugging it in before getting ready in the mornings. On top of working super well, it’s just so pretty to look at!”

03. Dyson Airwrap

Image via @dysonhair

The Dyson Airwrap is the perfect gift idea for Valentine’s day for all our hair-care girls. If you haven’t heard of this product already, it’s been capturing the heart of the internet for months. The process of achieving flawless hair is made simple with the Dyson Airwrap. It curves air to attract and wrap the hair to the barrel—styling with air, not extreme heat.

04. Kendra Scott Heart Jewelry

Image via @kendrascott

Are you looking for affordable jewelry recommendations? Kendra Scott has you covered. The hearts are adorable and PERFECT for V-day!

05. Workout Set From Beach Riot

Image via @BeachRiot

If this set doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, we don’t know what will. This adorable set is from Beach Riot and is perfect for that spin-class you’ve wanted to try, or even just a casual day out!

06. FORVR Mood Mini Candle Gift Set in Time to Get Lit

Image via Pinterest

If you love candles as much as we do, check out this FORVR Mood Mini Candle Gift Set in Time to Get Lit! These four scents are great for different moods or rooms in your home.

07. Tiffany Blue Rose Bear

Image via Pinterest

You can’t have a proper Valentine’s Day without a bit of Tiffany & Co. This Tiffany Blue Rose Bear is an adorable gift for all our Tiffany fans!

08. Barefoot Dreams Robe

Image via @BarefootDreams

A cozy romantic night-in always sounds like a good idea. A barefoot dreams blanket is necessary to make the night even more special. It’s pretty much the softest & coziest blanket we’ve encountered, and we know you, and your Valentine will love it!

09. ‘The Start of Us’ Map

Image via Pinterest

If you’re looking for a more thoughtful gift, you should check out this ‘Start of Us Map.’ Take your Valentine on a journey through all the special moments you’ve shared. Think back to the spot where it all went down, then send the coordinates to the Etsy seller and receive a custom poster, canvas, or framed print just in time for Valentine’s Day.

10. Venus Fleur Rose Box

Image via @venusetfleur

These flowers have us swooning. The classic Valentine’s gift, but Venus et Fleur gives such an elegant display that it’s hard not to fall in love! The best part? These gorgeous flowers last an entire year… so you can keep the love blooming all year round!

These ten unique Valentine’s gift ideas are sure to have you swooning. Between the hair care products, flowers, candles, jewelry, and more… the options are truly endless!