10 Cozy Fall Date Ideas

Raise your hand if Fall is your favorite season! We love these transition months for quite a few reasons, but mostly setting a slower pace, bundling up a bit more, and more opportunities to entertain at home while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. There’s also something about fall that says romance (hot cocoa & cuddles anyone?). We have been compiling our cozy fall date ideas for a while now, so grab your S.O. and start falling! 😉

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1. Oktoberfest – Enjoy the roaring fun at Oktoberfest (they aren’t only in Germany!), with traditional food, beer, and sing-alongs. While you’re at it, grab a pumpkin ale or lager together. ‘Tis the season!

2. Have a scary movie marathon – Make a blanket fort in the living room, concoct a fall drink at home, and snuggle up for hours and hours of scary movies!

3. Head out on a scenic bike ride – In a lot of places, this is the most beautiful time of year as the leaves change colors. Head somewhere where you can see the scenery, and rent or bring your own bikes for a ride that will allow you to take it all in.

Fall Date Ideas
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4. Face your fears in a Haunted House – You’ll both be holding on for dear life, and although in the moment you may be terrified, you’ll be saying you had the best time afterwards!

5. Get tickets to a football game – We all know that Fall means football (or at least our guys do!) so why not surprise them with tickets to your town’s high school, college, or NFL game and cheer alongside your better half. Make sure you show up early to get some tailgating in!

6. Go apple picking – It’s officially apple season and what better way to celebrate than picking only the freshest apples. Take them home and whip up some cider or apple pie to get extra festive!

Fall Date Ideas
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7. Take a cooking class – There are tons of holiday cooking classes that are offered this time of year, and in perfect timing! You can both learn a new recipe to bring to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner along with a bottle of wine 😉

8. Find a sunflower field – Whether you’re looking for a perfect place for updated fall photos, or just a scenic walk, visiting the closest sunflower field is your best choice! They often have tons of fresh produce at sunflower farms as well, so it’s a win win!

Fall Date Ideas
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9. Take a hot air balloon ride – You’ll have to go early morning, and make sure you bring extra layers, but it will be the most surreal and peaceful moment floating through the air! Or, visit a place where multiple balloons go up at a time and watch them from below! 

10. Go on a hike – Scope out a scenic trail you’ve never been to before and lace up those tennis shoes. Make sure you take stops along the way to snap some pics!

Fall Date Ideas
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What are your best fall date ideas? 

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