You’re Worth It: Knowing When To Raise Your Rates

You want to make more money! Well, who doesn’t? Yet, there are so many factors why many of you business owners don’t take the next steps to raise your rates. Most of it is fear… fear of not being able to close the deal or fear that you aren’t worth more than what you are currently charging.


Here are some tips that can help get you ready to raise your rates!


1) Practice makes perfect – I can’t say this enough… experience, experience, experience. You can’t be doing this for one or two years and place unrealistic expectations that you deserve to make so much more if you don’t know what you are doing. You need the knowledge and experience to feel confident enough to know your worth. When you know you are good and have the experience to back that up, you are setting yourself up for long term success.


2) What does your website look like?

When is the last time you re-did your website? Is it flash?  I hope not!  Is it responsive on mobile devices (this means can I see it clearly and navigate the site from my smart phone and tablet)? Branding here is everything! What type of impression are you portraying through this site? It needs to be designed well and clearly able to communicate to potential customers that you are worth every penny you charge (or want to be charging).


3) Strong Social media presence

Do you use social media all the time or just once in a while? In order to connect to potential clients, industry professionals (who can refer you business) as well as getting on the radar of media, you have to be committed to a consistently socially connected brand. You can’t be on Facebook and Instagram, but not Twitter. Why would you do that? You are losing out on an opportunity to market and grow. You need to be serious about establishing yourself as the best at what you do.  So start posting on Instagram and your other social accounts ASAP, and not just once a week!


4) How busy are you?

How much business have you currently booked for this year? Do you feel it’s enough? If you are content with the number of bookings and you feel your minimum or maximum has been met then you can start to think next steps. When you feel confident with what you already have, you are ready to ask yourself- “If I raise my rate and a potential client doesn’t book, am I ok with that?” If so, then why not take the chance?


5) Take the leap! 

You’ll never know until you try! Most of us get caught up in the “what if” and let that stop us. If you are following these steps and taking calculated risks it’s the only way to push yourself, grow, and know when to raise your rates.


For more tips like these and to learn how to take your business to the next level, reach out about my business consulting program. Can’t wait to connect with you!

xo Leila


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