The Apps that Keep our Team on Track

Staying motivated during work is hard, staying motivated during work; while also working from home is harder. Staying motivated and in unison with your coworkers, now that’s nearly impossible. We know all too well the struggle of unclear deadlines, and messy project organization. Lucky for you we happen to have years of working from home experience and have nailed down a system with the help of some amazing apps and platforms. So in the midst of new wave of remote work we thought we would share all our favorite apps that keep our team on track. And they all happen to be free and available on desktop and mobile, so work can stay as streamlined as possible.

.01 – Slack

Ahhh good old Slack. We know this is one that most people have already heard of, but it is so helpful for small teams, and big teams to stay connected and collaborate on projects together. You can also monitor when employees are “online” to help keep accurate time logs and know when you can ping someone with a quick question.

.02 – Asana

If organizing and prioritizing isn’t your best strength then say hello to your new best friend. Asana quite literally saves our businesses time and time again by reminding us of deadlines, and giving us a system to organize tasks seamlessly. We can assign tasks to coworkers and set deadlines for them, it’s essentially a managers best friend when it comes to an organization app.

.03 – Google Calendar

A great way to stay connected with your team is to add deadlines to your calendar app. We love to add calls and meetings to the calendar in addition to out of office notifications and event schedules. This is also super helpful for managing interns and being able to know when you can appropriately contact them and when not to.

These three apps that keep our team on track are a must try! What are your teams favorite apps to use in order to stay productive and collaborative? Let us know in the comments below. 

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