The 2021 Resolutions we are setting

2020 was quite the year, right? No words could truly gather up the feelings attached to such a hectic year. Everyone experienced it in their own ways, & therefore we must be so gracious with one another & ourselves moving forward into 2021. We came up with five 2021 resolutions we are implementing this new year, & wanted to share them with you! 

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.01 – Eating Intuitively

Staying home 90% of the time has affected a lot of our relationships with food. It is hard to have such a limited space to be in, & often times we found ourselves eating out of boredom. To be healthy in as many aspects as possible, we want to work on eating intuitively & truly focusing on listening to our bodies natural cues!

.02 – Don’t use your phone for the first hours of your morning

Since technology is the way most of us are keeping up with school & work, it has truly taken over our days. For the sake of our mental well being, we think having a mindful morning with no distractions is super important. Instead of spending time on Instagram, pick up a book, or go for a walk!

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.03 – Move your Body

Shelter in place truly tested our willpower to get up & get moving. Exercise releases endorphins & impacts not only our physical wellbeing, but also our mental health. Whether we take a brisk walk through the neighborhood, of do a Chloe Ting workout at home, we want to choose our health this year!

.04 – Educate Ourselves

There is a huge positive side of social media & that is our ability to learn more. To educate ourselves. To seek & choose empathy. In 2021, we want to continue to learn & educate ourselves in things like social justice. Let this be a goal for you, too!

.05 – Shop Sustainably

Alongside educating ourselves, we want to be more aware of the brands we shop from- whether its for cleaning supplies or clothing items. Fast fashion is truly so devastating, & we want to put effort into consciously choosing ethical brands.