Last-Minute Ways To Celebrate Your Team on Labor Day

Isn’t it just suiting that in 2020 we would forget birthday’s and holidays and even labor day? We know just how much time flyes while staying simultaneously slow. With a warped sense of the reality of time comes the forgetfulness of holidays and celebrations. Needless to say, if you forgot to prep for labor day and now, well it is labor day here are a few last-minute ways to celebrate your team on labor day. Now, we wrote this with a small business in mind but of course, anyone can take advantage of these tips!

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.01 – Write them a Note of Gratitude

In the age of digital everything, this does not need to be a physical note, plus it’s a little late for that unless you live near your whole team. We are talking about sending a personalized email to your staff member individually telling them what you love most about wi=orking with them and how much you appreciate them choosing to work for your company. We promise it will help increase work productivity and create more open and healthy communication between the two of you.

.02 – Send them a Treat

Now this one might get a little pricy, but it is so worth it. Whatever your teams vice maybe send them it via Postmates or uber eats. We are talking maybe your team loves donuts so you Postmates them a donut, or maybe it’s coffee whatever the case, we know that everybody loves a little treat now and then. Don’t forget to follow it up with a little appreciation email so they know who it’s from.

.03 – Publicy Appreciate Them

If Instagram is your thing, then sharing about the powerhouse that helps make your vision come to life is a great way for your team to feel appreciated, and for you to brag about how awesome they are. Not to mention this offers a way to organically brag a little bit about your services and what makes you and your team unique.

Did you find any ways to celebrate your team that you think might be worth trying out? Let us know in the comments below! 

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