Inspired by Thanksgiving!

Every Thanksgiving we like to take a minute to share with you all just how grateful we are.  Not only in our personal lives but as Inspired by This as well!  We work with such talented people and are constantly inspired by the work you are all producing!  Before we share an amazing Thanksgiving tablescape created by Lauren Kelp, each of us here at IBT have jotted down what we are thankful for this year…

LeilaThis year has been particular life changing then years past. And while I’ve felt significant loss with the passing of my mom, I have never been more grateful then I am now with the addition of my baby Londyn to our family.  I am grateful for the hard and sometimes painful life lessons I’ve had to learn that have proven to have been little miracles along the way. I have found that health and happiness is really all that matters. Having a healthy family and happiness at work with all my staff is what makes me most thankful for all the gifts God has given me.

Ashley: 2013 has been a year full of milestones, memories and blessings. As the year winds down, I’m reflecting on the things I’m most grateful for – my tech-obsessed, lover of new-home projects and wise husband, my loving and supportive family, my loyal friends, my energetic and affectionate pup,  a new place to call home, hundreds of hours of laughter, opportunity for travel, and a graceful and loving God.

Courtney: Every year I realize just how very blessed I am and this year is no different!  I am especially grateful for all of the amazing people in my life that helped me get through the past four years of college. I’m thankful to have a handsome boyfriend who loves me so well, the cutest nephew who I’m absolutely obsessed with, and a family who supports and encourages my dreams.  Most of all I am thankful for a savior that loves me deeply despite my constant shortcomings.

Alex2013 has brought along so many new things to be thankful for!  A new home in a new city, an amazing new job and new friends to adventure with! But through this year of change, I am so thankful for my friends and family all over the country for their constant love and support. I can only hope that next year brings as much to be thankful for as this one has!

Tate: This year I am especially thankful for my friends and family. I am blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people! My family is very supportive and my friends are always there to make me laugh and have a good time! It is the acts of kindness and positive people in my life that make me so grateful this holiday season!

Meagan: This year I am thankful for my parents and my two brothers, Sam and Garrett. I’m also thankful for my friends, both in LA and back at home in Kerrville, Texas! Finally, kittens, because the Internet would be much less fun without them.

Floral Design: Sweet Magnolia Floral Studio
Styling: Lauren Kelp
Photography: Taylor Lord Photography

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