How to Support Your Coworkers: A Guide Based on Their Enneagram

Ahh the enneagram, if you have been following us for a while then you know just how much we love the enneagram. We personally use it to manage our team to get the best out of them, and we always recommend you do the same. So if you have ever thought why does Susie operates a certain way, and how can I work better with her, then this article is for you. Don’t miss any of our tips on how to support your coworkers: a guide based on their enneagram! Need we say praise is a common theme and the perfect way to support your coworkers from any number!

Ones: stick to your deadlines.

When working with a type one personality it is important to understand that they value responsibility and integrity above all else. They like to operate on a timeline or schedule and when they are relying on you for a piece to finish their timeline it’s imperative you deliver. It may seem minor to more laissez-faire types, but if you are having a hard time connecting or supporting a type one, it’s time to start giving and keeping deadlines.

Twos: give them a task that will actually help the business grow.

At the core of a two is a heart to help. Ultimately all they want to do is deliver value to a company that is actually going to help. That could look like giving them a special project or new responsibility. You will be amazed at the shift in energy when you show them that you need their help to get the job done! Also, don’t forget to give them a little praise nothing brings a smile to a twos face faster than a compliment!

Three: show appreciation of their hard work.

Threes work dang hard, and they want you to know that and recognize their efforts. For a three nothing speaks louder to them then recognition and appreciation, and even better if you can do it in front of your other co-workers. But don’t mistake their desire for praise to be self-centered, they simply love to know that what they bring to the table is valued.

Fours: give them creative freedom.

There is nothing that will light the fuel of a fire for a four like the ability to be creative. This type will not be found copying an idea off of Pinterest but rather they create those visions. Give them the space to be creative and accept what they produce as their beautiful perspective on life.

Fives: don’t put them on the spot.

No matter what the situation is if you have put a five on the spot you likely didn’t love the results. That’s because their power comes in deep thought, not swift decision making. But don’t misunderstand their slow response for lack of knowledge. A five will always deliver when given the time to properly analyze and evaluate a situation.

Six: display trust.

If you are in an office there’s a likely chance you work with a six. Not because they are the most common number but because they are striving for success. So how do you support them? Trust them entirely and have their back when things go sideways. For a six,  life feels complete in the office when they have the freedom to get the job done and trust us they will. 

Eights: allow them to prove their strengths.

Our eights can be very competitive, use that to your advantage. If you have a type eight coworker or employee and you are working together on a project it would be a great chance to give them a little healthy competition. Eights operate really well in an environment where they don’t feel controlled so give them some tasks that make them feel like their own boss. You will be amazed at how they turn around and start to support your coworkers as well!

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