The Founders of B’CAUSE on How to Start A Clothing Line

We love featuring women entrepreneurs and today, we get the chance to feature a two-for-one! Bridgette and Brittney are sisters who had a joint vision for a brand that would bring back feminine style and silhouettes from a bygone era. Largely founded on inspiring confidence and power in women, we can’t help but already love B’CAUSE. But just wait until you see their pieces… They can easily take you from a day at the office to a night out on the town. So, how did they do it? The female entrepreneurs weigh in on how to start a clothing line, what it’s really like to work with your sister, and the fashion industry, all stemming from their experience with B’CAUSE. Read on to feel inspired in your own unique endeavor.

how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing

Congratulations on the launch of B’CAUSE! When did the concept for the brand come to you?

Thank you so much! It’s an honor to do this interview with IBT! The embodiment of B’CAUSE has really been a part of us since day one, but the very first seed was planted about five years ago when we moved in together after our parents split.

At the time, we were both deep rooted in the corporate world, where our creativity gradually dimmed while we worked towards other people’s dreams. We’d come home, decompress, and talk about the women we wanted to be – our heart to hearts always circled back to this unified vision on the importance of feeling both confident and loved.

We always had this sort of unspoken bond that one day we’d run our own company together! It was last year when we both knew we didn’t want to write stories for our bosses – we needed to write our own story. So we did…B’CAUSE we can!

how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing

Our most confident and expressive times were in how we presented ourselves, and how we dressed allowed us to have a “can-do” mentality. We thought about what we needed in order to feel that way and dreamt up a concept for a versatile women’s clothing line that can carry your feminine presence from day to night. We wrote down our most valued messages, brand names, color schemes and chicken scratch sketches, ha! Who knew living together, not only as sisters, but as post-grad roomies, was a gift of guidance from the Big Man upstairs that brought B’CAUSE to life.

how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing

Where did you both start your careers? Have you always been in the fashion industry?

Bridgette: I started my career in film and television, where I worked for 7 years (including internships), then decided to make a 180-career change into commercial real estate. In 2017, once my husband and I had our beautiful son, my priorities shifted and I knew I was ready to begin the lifelong dream of going full force starting B’CAUSE with Britt!

Brittney: Yes, B! The stars aligned perfectly. I started my career in the sports industry where I worked for 4 years, all throughout college. Post-graduation I made a pivot and began working at a vertical swimwear manufacturer. I was exposed to all aspects of the industry from marketing, to design, to production and distribution. In 2017, I married my sweet hubby and simultaneously took the leap to start B’CAUSE with my sis and bestie – Bridge!

how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing

So, what does it really take to start your own clothing line? What has surprised you most about the process?

Starting your own clothing line requires pure determination, healthy communication, room for inspiration, organization, and long hours! The most surprising part about this process is the overwhelming sense of love and support we have received. Launching our first ever collection is an incredibly vulnerable feeling because our art is on the line. Seeing our first ever customers confidently purchase B’CAUSE gave us so much gratitude for the process!

how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing

Where do you find inspiration when creating new designs?

We are both film majors, so our hearts are deep rooted in feminine fashions from a bygone era. Really, our designs are inspired by pieces we dreamt up, but could never find in stores! Especially the quality and versatility — when can you find pockets in dresses that your phone or lipstick could safely stay in?! A definite necessity for the gal on the go!

how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing

What are both the best and most challenging parts of working with your sister?

The most challenging part is creating separation from family and work life.  It’s so important to have that balance to maintain a strong sister bond and also a respectful working relationship. The best part about working together is this unspoken underlying sense of trust. We have each other’s back no matter what. Not to mention, we are literally always on the same wavelength — sister frequency is a real thing. Scary for our hubbies! LOL!

how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing

If you could choose one person to wear one of your designs, who would it be, and why?

Jennifer Lawrence, hands down. She is the ultimate vibe, and full of personality – unafraid of being her true self, smart, witty, and hard-working.

Do you have a favorite piece in the collection? Where would you wear it?

Bridgette: Our Signature Blazer is my favorite. I always had the most difficult time trying to find a worth-while blazer. I needed quality and versatility but could never find the right one! We designed our B’CAUSE Blazer to be worn in 4 different ways, and it’s gorgeous on everyone. I can wear it to meetings, out casual with the fam, open/draping, and solely as a sexy evening dress! The style and fit never gets old.

Brittney: Our We’ll Always Have Paris Jumpsuit is so chic. We’ve seen women ages 20-65 rock it! I am obsessed with the overall fit and construction. It holds in all the right places, while elegantly showing off the feminine curves. I’m wearing it everywhere right now – with a little faux fur, it’s been a holiday party hit!

how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing

What advice would you tell other young entrepreneurs hoping to branch out and start their own business?

Stay true to yourself. Be mindful of others and be kind to everyone — your disposition will be remembered, and a positive attitude goes a long way. Work with intention; when problems arise, take a step back and assess the situation, is it the end of the world? No. There is always a solution.

how to start a clothing line, b'cause clothing

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