How to Have the Most Productive Day

Often times, minute tasks get the best of us and leave us with a ‘what have I done today’ mentality. Anytime you feel any inkling of stress or anxiety with your busy schedule and endless lists of to-do’s, take a deep breath and reflect on all that you have accomplished so far. If you realize that you have been checking things off your list one-by-one, that’s great! On the other hand, if you aren’t at the place you want to be then use that as motivation to get moving. These tips can help get you organized in order to have the most productive day.

How to Have the Most Productive Day - Inspired by This

1. Tackle your Inbox

One of my best morning tips is to clear the first hour of your morning of any meetings or calls, so you can sit down and filter through your email. That growing number of unread emails will continue to haunt you the rest of the day. So getting it under control early on will free you up for other projects.

2. Make a Running List

I find that digital to-do lists help me with organizing my tasks for the day. My team and I use Asana which is great for collaboration, assigning tasks under projects, and setting deadlines for ourselves. Another great feature to implement into your busy life is the Notes app on the Iphone. The updated version allows you to create a running check-list and to check off work when it’s done. These 2 applications are great because you can always check your phone to see what you need to get done. This is SO helpful when you’re out of the office or working remotely.

3. Don’t Multitask

I’m guilty of it as well, but busy people are prone to attempting to multitask. However, studies have shown that those who multitask perform worse because they have a harder time organizing their thoughts and filtering out irrelevant information. Plus, they are simply slower at switching from one task to another. Stick to one task until it’s over. It may be helpful to snooze your phone or close out of your email to avoid distractions.

4. Treat Yourself

For your own well-being and mental health, reward yourself for all your hard work. Give yourself a mini-break between each task to refresh your mind before moving on to the next. When you’re done with the day/week/month, think about the tasks, presentations and projects you successfully completed and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re on your way to success and you deserve to reward yourself!

Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed by the long list of things you need to do. Do your best each day by staying organized and focused on your tasks. Don’t forget to celebrate the little victories as well as the big ones!

xo, Leila Lewis, WeddingPR
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