Giveaway: Business Coaching from Be Inspired PR

Welcome to our brand new Business section of Inspired by This!  Here we’ll be sharing everything from business tips to peeking inside the lives of industry pros.  We have some amazing features coming up starting with a spotlight on a pretty influential lady over at BHLDN!

What better way to kick everything off than with a giveaway!  Every day this week we will be giving away a fab prize associated with each of the new categories on Inspired by This.  Today, we’re giving away a free business coaching session with Leila Lewis of Be Inspired PR!  It’s a new year and everyone has lists full of resolutions, many including business goals.  Coaching with Leila might just be the start you need!  The winner will receive half an hour with Leila where she will look at your business and give you some changes you can implement immediately for a better, more productive new year.

Enter below for your chance to win!  Make sure to follow both @weddingPR and @inspiredbythis on Twitter as well to be entered!

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53 responses to “Giveaway: Business Coaching from Be Inspired PR

  1. this is so cool. I hope i win! 🙂
    my new years resolution is to learn calligraphy and book 12 weddings.

  2. This is just what I need! 2014 is all about getting my dream clients and growing my business!

  3. What an amazing opportunity! I’m so excited to toss my name in for a chance to have a consult with Leila! One of my many, many business resolutions for 2014 is learning how to improve/elevate my company’s brand not only within my immediate market, but on a regional (and dare I say, national) scale.

  4. My 2014 goals is to gain profitability and create amazing teambuilding environments!

  5. Capturing the sweetest part of people’s hearts for the world to see. I love people in love! Yes I’m a romantic freak XD

  6. our goal this year is to connect with even more couples and support them as they prepare for the beauty of marriage and beyond. 🙂

  7. My business goal this year is to grow my business with love and respect for every other wedding planner out there. I can’t compare my beginnings to someone elses middle… but I can live in the bveauty that is the san diego wedding industry and be respectful of everyone.

  8. My business goal this year is to get organized! Organization in all aspects…my day to day, my marketing, the way I do business, everything! Time for an overhaul 🙂

  9. One of my business goals is to embrace some of the social media that I currently do not…it includes getting back to blogging. I would be thrilled to win the coaching session

  10. This year we are focusing on business development and growth! Hoping to continue to do that with Leila and Be Inspired! Love you ladies!

  11. We will be continue focusing on the clientele that we are targeting as well as take the time to blog more and further develop our brand. We are trying to take it up another level in terms of how we market.

  12. I really want 2014 to be the year that my business grows even more and continues to develop! I would be absolutely THRILLED to win this coaching session!

  13. I just started out a month ago so my goal list is much too long, but my biggest goal this year is to grow into a successful small business that will allow me to leave my 9-5 and work only on making beautifully decorated parties!!

  14. I just moved and am tired of working for the man. I would like to try to start a new business… one that I’ve done before, but to go all in and finally do it 🙂

  15. While Kentucky Bride has been in business 5 years, we are always creating, dreaming and learning new ways! Also, I have a business idea that I have sat on for over a year and I think that 2014 is the time to let it shine and what a better way than to hear from the best in the business, Leila!

  16. My new years resolution for my business is to establish a great social media presence and learn how to balance my day job with becoming successful with my small business.

  17. New year’s resolution for my business: make my blog happen! Original content and ideas deserve time, effort and care, so finding balance with my day job is important.

  18. My resolution this year is to be more visible. I rebranded in 2013 and love my new look & product line. However the marketing & promoting aspects of running a business have never been my strong suit. I know I CAN do it, but it sure would be nice to have some experienced guidance!

  19. My New Years resolution for 2014 is to keep with my vision I started with and to make my number of weddings. To be real, relatable, consistent, and original. Be true to who I am and hardworking and the rest will follow.

  20. First things first! My first goal this year is to get my website up and running! I’m jumping in with both feet into this industry (after dreaming about it for the last 4 years or so!) Of course a million more things to do in addition…but one thing at a time! 🙂 Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity! Fingers crossed! xoxo

  21. My resolution list includes a brand revamping with new website, business cards, letterhead, etc. Promoting one of my assistants to a lead position. Blog.

  22. My resolution is to sustain myself with photography only, remaining true to my vision and taste, and refining my craft.

  23. My resolution for my business is to be inspired and to step away from Pinterest ensuring that I’m creating unique and original ideas!!

  24. My resolution for my business is to be intentional and laser-focused. Once I can grasp that, everything else will fall into place!

  25. This year, I am working hard to grow my hairstyling business! I want to expand more into the wedding side of things as well growing my in-salon business too. I want to continue to grow my relationships with my clients and continue to network with other industry professionals. 2014 is going to be a rockin year!

  26. My resolution for this year is to create a steady flow of projects for myself, even between busy event times. I tend to get into a lull when I don’t have something coming up soon and I get easily distracted, so this year I plan to create lots of collaborations and projects for the in-between time. 🙂

  27. The biggest resolution for my business this year is to figure out how to structure and add staff to my team; full time, part-time and contract.

  28. My resolution is to continue to grow my planning and design business. I am a new company and I want to actually book some weddings this year! I don’t have the “know how” for marketing my business to reach potential brides and actually land clients. I have taken baby steps and have booked clients with social events but I’m looking to break into weddings.

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