Ashley & Malone Office Tour

We owe our pretty site to this dynamic duo so we are more than thrilled to give you a little piece of them, their savvy business brains, and their quite perfect Ashley and Malone Office on our business blog today! This married team runs their own web design company; Ashley as designer, Dallas as developer – it’s the perfect pair! Their office is definitely straight out of a Pinterest board of all our favorite decor elements – the prints, the poufs, the pastels! We wish we had their super web (and decorating) skills, but since we don’t, we’ll live vicariously through them and this little office tour.

Name: Ashley and Dallas Malone

Company: Ashley & Malone – Branding + Web Design

Title: Brand Stylist + Partner (Ashley) and Web Developer + Partner (Dallas)

City: Hamilton, ON Canada

Ashley & Malone Office Tour

What does a typical work day look like for you?

We arrive at our office and have a quick standup meeting (to help keep things brief) and discuss what the priority items are for the day. If Dallas needs anything from me to get started I tackle those things first.  Then I usually go through my emails and respond to clients before crafting my to-do list for the day. Once I have a clear direction, I throw on my headphones, click play on Spotify and get designing! This is definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. After lunch is usually when I meet with clients – depending which stage we’re at, I might go over design feedback or consult with them about how we can help grow their business. I absolutely love this part – it’s inspiring and revitalizing to chat with so many amazing business owners and hear about all the details and services that make them unique. After this, you’ll normally find Dallas and me reviewing a web project or getting feedback on a brand design. Then we head home to hang out with our dog Dexter!


What is your favorite part of your job?

Working with so many inspiring women! It’s wonderful getting to help our clients build their dream businesses – branding and web design is a huge part of that. Listening to their stories, helping them connect with their ideal clients and crafting a design strategy that reflects these elements and contributes to their success is incredibly rewarding. Cherry on the top is how they feel about their new brand once the process has ended!

Ashley & Malone Office TourAshley & Malone Office Tour

We’re loving your office! What was your inspiration for the space?

I wanted to design a space that was creatively inspirational. A space that made me feel comfortable and lively. I pretty much just filled our office with all the items Dallas wouldn’t let me put in our living room, like the pink couch! It was also a MUST to have white walls (I actually had to beg our landlord to let us paint when we moved in), which made everything feel bright, clean and happy. Overall, I really wanted the space to feel like a living room. Some people would say that the office is quite girly, but I do think it’s a true reflection of our brand!

Ashley & Malone Office TourAshley & Malone Office TourAshley & Malone Office Tour

What is your favorite element/vignette?

Ashley: Definitely the pink couch with the gallery wall above – It’s the first thing we see when we walk into the office and it just gives me this energy that I love. The graphic pillows, inspiring prints and the mirror shaped like a diamond are all elements that make me happy. It may sound silly, but I still can’t believe this pretty little space is ours.

Ashley & Malone Office Tour

Dallas: I really like my workspace lined with my Kid Robot Dunny’s and the custom Ashley & Malone sign we had made that hangs above my desk. Dare I say, this might be the only, slightly manly item in the office as it’s made out of wood. I also get a sense of pride when I look at our logo, which was lettered by Molly Jacque.

Ashley & Malone Office TourAshley & Malone Office TourAshley & Malone Office Tour

What is your advice to small business owners using their home as their office space?

We worked out of our home office for many years before transitioning to a commercial space, so I definitely understand the struggles of being home all day. If you can, try to have a designated office area that truly reflects your style, is organized and allows you to be creative! I also think you can never go wrong with white – it’s a classic and clean staple. 

Ashley & Malone Office Tour


What you wanted to be when you grew up:

Ashley: Hair Stylist

Ashley & Malone Office Tour

Celebrity Style Crush

Ashley: Blake Lively & Emma Stone
Dallas: Lebron


Ashley & Malone Office Tour

Secret Talent

Ashley: Sailor
Dallas: Kareoke

Ashley & Malone Office Tour

I can’t live without:

Ashley: Cappuccinos
Dallas: The Bahamas

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  1. love your office! You and Dallas really are the best in the business! It’s been a privilege working with both of you!

  2. I love this girl so much! She is so talented and just down right awesome! And her office space is just as beautiful as she is. So honored to have coached Ashley this past year and now call her a friend. Great feature ladies!!

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