5 Social Media Tips & Tricks for your Business

Did you know that there are up to 700,000 new users joining social media sites every day? Within the bridal community alone, social media has become a stepping stool for wedding vendors to showcase their best work. In fact, 79% of brides finding their wedding vendors via social platforms, so if you’re absent on social media, you could be losing potential business, experiencing stunted growth and missing press features! But it’s not just about having a presence that can maximize your business, it’s what you do with it! Here are 5 social media tips and tricks to help!

5 Tips for Social Media for your business - Inspired by This

Learn the tricks: Before you even activate your social media accounts, learn the basics. Take the time to educate yourself on how each platform works so you’re using them to the best of your ability.

Pick a handle that’s easy to remember: Your handle will ideally be your business name, but if it’s not available then at least aim to keep it easy to remember and keep it consistent across all platforms!

Post consistently: Make it a priority to keep fresh content on your feed! Don’t abandon your account midway.

Share quality posts: Take the time to choose the proper photo, write the caption and include appropriate hashtags. Always proofread!! And include proper credits for every image shared.

Engage: Social media is not a one-way street. Make sure to like and comment on others’ posts to keep that engagement flowing and spark new connections!

As daunting as some of these tips may seem, remember: social media is supposed to be fun! Keep it casual and entertaining, but still focused on your business. You’ve got this! And if you need a little bit more assistance, you can contact us at Be Inspired PR or check out our Social Media Digital Workshop for more tips on growing your account.

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