5 Encouraging Tips for Mompreneurs

Recently so many of my ‘Girl Boss’ friends have become fellow Mom Bosses! With two toddlers and a three-week old baby, I am always discovering new ways to balance both of my jobs as CEO and Mom. Here are some of my tips to those who have recently gained the acclaimed title of Mompreneur.

5 Encouraging Tips for Mompreneurs - Inspired by This

1. Have a strong team

Every business needs to have a strong foundation – it is a crucial piece of the puzzle when you transition to become a mompreneur. If your team isn’t stable and independent, how can you leave to focus on your other team – your family? Make sure your employees have a thorough understanding of their tasks, goals and your expectations so when you take a leave your business is running like a well-oiled machine!

2. Trust your team

It’s one thing to have a strong team, but it’s another thing to trust them. As the head boss, you’re used to being hands-on in the day to day operations – but you’ve got your hands full at home! Let go of some control and give your staff the chance to prove they can manage the day to day on their own. You hired them because you know they have what it takes to get things not only done, but also done right. Trust them!

3. Ask for help

Before and after your children are born, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s your significant other, family, friends or employees, ask for assistance whenever you can. Your plate is about to be completely full, so delegate tasks to others where possible.

4. Stay organized

From the time when you prepare to take your leave to when you decide to transition back, the incoming flow of work will not stop. It’s best to stay on top of that while you can. You probably won’t ditch the email full-time, so try to keep it organized and check in while the baby is eating or napping. Only chime in on the important and time-sensitive emails, leave everything else to your team. This will reduce the amount of work for when you get back and still keep the business running.

5. Close that computer

As an entrepreneur, you will probably crave having a work outlet, but now that you’re a parent your priorities have to shift – especially while the baby is so small and dependent on you. Set aside some time to check in with your team daily (or a few times a week), but remember that in this season of life your family and health are your first priority. Take advantage of your time off and soak in the quality time with your family and new baby!


I’ve found that having kids has made me a better boss, and owning my own business has made me a better mom. It’s important to remember that being a Mompreneur doesn’t mean doing it all – it means learning to ask for help, delegating to others and making the most of your time whether you’re at work or with your family. You’ve got this!

xo, Leila Lewis, WeddingPR

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  1. I’ve been struggling with the family/work life balance and this post has really inspired me. thank you!

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