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Feb 16, 2017

A Total Workout You Can do in A Hotel Room

Let’s face it, we are only prone to work out if it’s convenient. So, needless to say, sticking to a fitness regime while traveling is hardly ever attainable. Who’s with us? Thankfully, Lauren Kleban of LEKfit is sharing her favorite full-body workout you can do in a hotel room with us today! Lauren is not only a Los Angeles based trainer, but also has created a cult following thanks to her awesome workout routines and videos. Try out this workout today or the next time you find yourself trying to turn a hotel room into a gym. Then, test out LEKfit for various, affordable, and easy to follow video workouts you can stream at home.


Total Workout You Can do in a Hotel Room

Good for:
arms, core, derrière and legs
How Many: 10 reps total alternating between RIGHT and LEFT (R to L equals 1 rep)

1. Standing parallel, knees soft (don’t lock them) feet hip width apart, core pulled in, head up and shoulders down.

2. Push arms parallel above your head using 3lb-5lb weights. Water bottles or no weights at all is just fine.

3. Pull arms down, hinge slightly forward and extend arms back parallel to the floor.

4. Return both arms center to squat down. Be sure to keep your core is strong to support your lower back.

5. Place the weights or your hands on the floor and step back into a plank position (alternate stepping back between RIGHT and LEFT)

6. Lift your right leg parallel and just enough to engage your hamstrings and contract your glutes. Then, do the same with your left leg

7. Extend your right arm up. Then repeat with your left arm.

8. Lift your right arm so your elbow is parallel with your body. Return your right arm to the ground, then lift your left.

9. Step both feet back to your squat.

10. Pushing through your heels and squeezing your inner thighs, return your arms above your head.

Repeat 10x.

  • Melanie

    This is a great travel workout!

  • Michelle

    Love this so much!

  • kelly

    such a great workout!

  • Rachel

    Can’t wait to try this!

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