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Sep 05, 2019

Keys to Choosing the Right CBD Product

By now surely we have all heard of the latest trend that is flooding the wellness space, CBD. It’s no secret it’s everywhere, but what is exactly is it and how do you know you’re choosing the right CBD product without ever trying it before? It’s in our smoothies at those trendy juice shops all over town, in our skincare, and it’s making its way into our medicine cabinets. However, many people often don’t understand (us included) what exactly CBD is made from or where it comes from and can have trouble knowing where to start. Lucky for you, we have all of our favorite experts in the industry weighing in on their tips on how to dive in.

choosing the right CBD
Photo via Rosebud CBD

Determine Why You’re Using CBD to Begin With

“There are so many options for CBD these days from pills to tinctures to balms. The key to choosing the right CBD product is figuring out your purpose for using a CBD product. Balms are typically used for relaxing muscles or helping with aches and pains, while tinctures are a liquid form of CBD and they are ideal for relieving anxiety. Listen to your body first and then choose accordingly.” – Wellness coach, Dana Kofsky of Wellness Styled 

 Start Slow

“We always recommend someone starting with an oil. The 500mg concentration is middle of the ground and lasts about a month. The oils are best for beginners because you can notice the calming effects within 10-15 minutes” – Joseph Sheehey, Founding Partner & CEO, Cured Nutrition 

choosing the right CBD
Photo via Cured Nutrition

Know the In’s and Out’s of the Company and the Product

“The main thing we always point people towards is our quality control section. Few, if any, companies actually provide this level of transparency for their products. There’s a lot of science behind the cultivation and extraction process but to keep things simple everything that we show here guarantees the cleanest possible product. We share testing that ensures the absence of pesticides, safe levels of heavy metals if any, absence of microbials, the exact potency of the products and the cannabinoid and terpenes profiles (most importantly). I think a great way know if you’re choosing the right CBD product would be to look into the company you are interested in and inquire to ensure this due diligence is done. If it is not, you should be skeptical.” – Joseph Sheehey, Founding Partner & CEO, Cured Nutrition 

choosing the right CBD
Photo via College Housewife

Do Your Research on Where the Product Came From

“Additionally, the traceability (i.e. where exactly did the product come from) is also important. We source all hemp locally in Colorado which has been on the leading edge of the hemp and cannabis industries, therefore, creating stringent regulations that ensure compliance. Outreach to any company should result in a quick response providing the cultivation license of the farm. Having this is the only way to comply with the 2018 farming bill that was passed at the federal level sparking the boom of this industry.” – Joseph Sheehey, Founding Partner & CEO, Cured Nutrition 

choosing the right CBD
Photo via Cured Nutrition

Let it Aid in Relaxation

“I’ve personally used pure CBD oil on and off for a couple of years. I believe that it has amazing medicinal benefits – I’ve used it to calm my nerves. Running a business full time, being a wife of a business owner and managing our 4 kids schedules is sometimes overwhelming and it’s helped me relax my mind, so I can fall into a deep sleep at night. I mainly use it at night when my stress is a little higher. On the other hand, my husband has had life-long pain in his hips and back and he uses it for to help relax his body and reduce the pain and inflammation. While it has tons of medicinal benefits, I think overall it’s anti-inflammatory properties and ability to relax our minds and bodies is the best, most effective way to go about choosing the right CBD product.” – Celebrity Nutritionist, Cara Clark 

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