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Jun 13, 2017

What To Pack For Your Beachy Honeymoon

When it comes to your honeymoon, there are plenty of places to go and things you could do, but sometimes nothing sounds better than some beach somewhere! Because so many brides are saying ‘I Do’ this summer and are in the final hours of wedding prep, we thought we could help check one thing of the list. To illustrate what you need to pack for your beachy honeymoon, Brooke Borough captured the beautiful photos below (that are making us all wish for a tropical vacation!)

What to wear:

Your honeymoon should be all about ease when it comes to what to wear! Think breezy sundresses, outfits that can transition from day to night and activity to activity, and plenty of lounge wear. Plus, don’t be afraid to wear all white all the time! Milk “just married” for all it’s worth!

Usually on a honeymoon, you do not need as much as you think. It will be so relaxing that you most likely will often be going from sand to dinner in the same outfit. So, a key piece for this scenario is a kimono dress or cotton kaftan; comfortable for the beach and still looks fab at dinner.

Another great look to take you from beach to drinks is a one piece with cut off shorts. Throw on a tank, like this cute one from the Wild and Free Project, or button up shirt and your ready to go, or even let the one piece act like a bodysuit!

Finally, Havanais flip flops in rose gold will go with any outfit but still feel a little fun! They are the perfect shoe for sand, sun, and salt water.

Accessories to bring:

A perfect hat, but only one! Traveling on a plane with a wide brim hat is no fun so choose wisely. You will need it to shade your face but it will also be a cute accessory to take you from beach days to excursions. You can even add “just married” or “wifey” in sequin letters on the brim :).

Next, think of functional jewelry that you don’t need to take off! Usually jewelry that is gold filled can handle the wear and tear of the beach. The Helping Jewels bangle and necklaces worn here are few pieces that would be perfect. Add in a few fun pieces as well such as pom pom earrings and a pom pom bracelet. They will add tropical flare to any evening outfit, even if it’s shorts and a tee.

Some trendy sunnies are also always a good idea!

Choosing the perfect tote is crucial. You need it large enough to fit your essentials but not too big so you hurt your back. This one from The Little Market is the perfect fit! It’s lined with cotton and is just big enough!

Putting a smaller clutch or pouch in the larger tote offers a few options. One, to store all the little things and two can be used for going out to eat so you don’t have to lug your large tote.

Beauty Essentials:

Beauty essentials should include a sunscreen stick and bronzing oil to moisturize and give your skin a glow. Plus a plush blush, shimmery lip gloss, and sea salt spray to freshen up ocean hair.

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